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Summary: A 18 year old who leads the Order of the Silver Shield and seeks out pleasure and power above all.

Omar (Arabexplorer)

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Gender: male

Age: 18

Group: Player






Does not need to eat, sleep, or breath.

Fighter level 10

Monk level 3

martial art: twin slash

Physical Appearance

Grey from head to toe and has noticeable gears for joints. He wears full plate armor and always carries a silver kite shild that matches his armor. He has no eyes but can somehow see.

Personality and interests

He has become bitter and arrogant. He enjoys expressing his power over those weaker than him and seeks pleasure to an almost headonistic degree. He belives God has forsaken him and although he keeps up the religious act for his followers it has been years since he has prayed.

He spends every chance he can fighting to make himself stronger. He as acepted the position of god over his followers and abuses the level of power this gives him.


His brother convinced him to play Yggdrasil with him for the last week and chose a race and starting equipment that was best for exploration. When the game became real him and his brother traveled the world together until they found their first human kingdom. The religious leaders viewed his brother as a god and him by association.


brother of Lastprophet (Ahmed)

leader of the “Order of the Silver Shield”


His armor is the best the human kingdom could make

his sword is enchanted with holy magic.

His Silver kite shield is enchanted with 10% spell absorption

He wears the amulet of instant revival which resurects him at the nearest temple immediately once a day at the cost of all experience gained so far that day.

He wears the ring of double experience and the ring of double physical deffence.

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Image of Omar (Arabexplorer)
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