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Summary: Leader of the holy knights and the guild seekers of truth, a corrupt version of his former self.

Thelastprophet (Ahmed)

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Gender: male

Age: 30

Group: Player






Cleric level 10
Priest level 10
Holy summoner level 10
Ritual master level 10

Bard level 10
Evangelist level 10

Commander level 10

Ilusionist level 10
Alteration level 10

Diviner level 6

Physical Appearance

Bald with a black beard and his clothing glows white.

Personality and interests

He has a strong humanity first conviction. He belives God sent him and his brother to the new world to teach the humans here the truth. He originally appointed his brother as his second in command, but after a difference in opinion they now control 2 separate religious groups that work as much together as apart. He seeks the betterment of humans, but is willing to do anything to get the end goal he seeks. He seeks the best for himself and his wife and unborn child.


He played Yggdrasil to an almost religious level and spent a lot of money on the game. His father was is an imam (religious leader) and he enjoyed having religious discussions with his guild mates.

He came to the new world with his brother 5 years ago and they impressed the holy knights enough to become the leaders. Ahmed presented himself as the last prophet and performed “miracles” to prove it. He was out fighting dragons with his brother one day trying to help his brother rise higher than level 5 and he died. He lost 5 levels and revived at the temple which moved him from prophet to divine in the churches eyes. He chose a high ranking female knight to be his wife which started the rift between himself and his brother. His brother decided to leave on a mission “to spread the truth” which simply meant they actively went out and killed those who opposed them to gain experience and increase the power of the church throughout the kingdom.


brother Omar (Arabexplorer)

guild: seekers of truth

wife: Grace, former holy knight.


Crown of holiness (increase power of holy spells and skills)

High priest robes

sandals of song (song spells effect doubled)

gloves of blessing (buff spells last longer)

amulet of flight

ring of physical negation (immune to physical attacks)

ring of sustenance (needs no food or sleep)

Book of spells

Staff of the pantheons

Experience gained


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Image of Thelastprophet (Ahmed)
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