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Summary: Love, Peace and Strength is the way

Kenshin Tzusun (Young Master)

Gender: Mail

Age: In his 30s

Group: Player




95th Level


Archery (10)
Monk (10)
Fighter (5)
Sword Master (10)
Weapon Master (10)
Holistic Medicine (10)
Weapon Smith (3)
Cook(Chef) (10)
Leather Craftsman (3)
Healer (5)
Master of Martial Arts (10)
Hunting (1)
Fishing (1)
Wilderness survival (2)
Acrobatics (3)
Gymnastics (2)

Talent Martial Arts is a natural at can learn faster and use more efficiently than most humans

He can use up to 6 Martial Arts skills with no problem up to 8 but must rest several days afterwords. He once used 10 but was in a coma for two weeks and his muscles were rip to pieces it took him a month to fully recover.

Greater Ability Boost: Improved version of Ability Boost that greatly increases the overall strength of the body.

Enhanced Magic Resistance

Dull Pain: It reduces the pain effect of an enemy attack.

Fatal Edge: An art that, by pouring energy into their blade, it allows the user to unleash an intense slashing attack.

Flow Acceleration: An art that temporarily accelerates the workings of the user's nerves, increasing one's attack speed and movement speed. The downside to it however, is that the extreme exhaustion that builds up in the user's brain.

Focus Battle Aura: By pouring the user's fighting spirit into their weapon, this art endows normal weapons with effects equivalent to those of magical weapons. With these weapons, it is possible to break through the special defenses of races such as angels.

Fortress: A defensive art that absorbs attacks. Can be used to offset the enemies' attacks. This technique did not require a shield or sword to be used. If desired, one could activate it with one’s bare hands. Of course, most people would use it when blocking with one’s weapon or shield because the timing had to be exact. When using it with armor, a miscalculation would result in one being left defenseless before the foes. Therefore, most people would commonly use it with a shield or weapon.

Impenetrable Fortress: Greater version of Fortress that deflects enemies attacks at a higher level.
Strong enough to parry Momon's greatswords if single-handed without Perfect Warrior.

Full Throttle: A Martial Art that allows person's own abilities and attacks to be increased to the maximum speed they are capable of.

Instant Reflex: An art that forcibly returns the user to attack stance after they are thrown off-balance by a previous attack. It's effective for dodging enemy attacks but puts a large burden on the user's body.

Piercing Dragon Punch Double piercing attack with elemental type damage. Developed from a martial art, Piercing Strike. As it is useful in both offense and defense, many warriors learn this martial art. Piercing Blue Dragon punch adds lightning-type damage.

Shukuchi Kai: Improved version of Shukuchi Allows the user to close the distance that allows the user to move freely in any direction.

Grater Heavy Blow Strike (Iron strike and Grand Power Strike) being able to punch though armor and other defenses raises the Iron strike crushing capability. On the other hand, it is also an art that inflicts battering damage on enemies with hard armor.

Six-fold Strike of Iron Strike an art that allows the user to strike nearby enemies mutable times with Grater Heavy Blow Strike. This art releases mutable rapid strikes of Grater Heavy Blow Strike that are although powerful. That is why the user only uses this when fighting against groups. It is a favorite killing move of the tremendously powerful belonging to the Old Master as one of his trump cards. However, it carries a great burden when each use takes as much focus as three regular arts, and the user's body is markedly exhausted.

Limit Breaker: Increases the number of martial arts that the user can use at once. It comes with a drawback later.

Body Strengthening: Raises an individual’s body defense.

Greater Evasion: Improved version of Evasion that allows the user to dodge attacks more easily.

Instant Counter: Corrects the balance of the user, allowing them to attack continuously.

Sense Weakness: Allows the user to detect any possible weaknesses in their chosen target.

Iron strike: it allows you to be able to strike hard objects like metal, armor and rock with hands feet other parts of the body with no injuries to yourself.

Physical Appearance

Kenshin looks to be in his 30’s his is about five feet eleven inches. He looks very athletic at 200 pounds. His shaved head is distinctive of him He has piercing green eyes and you can tell by his skin he has been out doors a lot. Kenshin normally wares Light colored clothing but mostly seen in lose fitting heavy fabric pants and shirt with a gold colored metal belt, Vambraces and shin guards. His boots come almost to his needs and made of heavy leather he has been warring of late wearing a sur coat that from his Monastery with a blue Dragon on the back. The blue dragon looks like it is crawling up his back with its jaws open as if attacking. His Tiger hook swords are in a black sheath that is on his back Pack crossed with the handles to his sides. He has a chain raped around his waist under the sur coat. He carries two Iron smoking pipes in the tucked in to his belt. On any given day he can be also seen with an assortment of Marshal art weapons on him. Kenshin dose carry a Yumi bow on his back and a quiver of arrows when he is out.

Personality and interests

Kinshin lives and loves to outwit opponents in combat, persuading people to help him against their better sensibilities. He is best for the Stealth and Thinker type and a loyal friend and so mostly turns his talents on the enemy. He often has respect for the rights of other thoughts but, again, with a good enough justification provided, he may allow himself to be convinced that a Lawful action can be a bent. He doesn’t mind being in ranged combat but his personal is his favorite is melee. In combat he likes to be doing something clever or spectacular Using stealth and tactics to get around. The loosening rocks on the hillside above to drop down on the enemy, persuading one of the enemy’s allies to turn on the enemy, anything that will demonstrate his superiority over the enemy. He is often the party’s negotiator, as he loves talking with other characters and getting the best possible deal for himself and his friends. He will adapt himself to the personality of the person he’s talking to concealing his true thoughts and emotions behind the mask he thinks is most appealing to the other opponent. It’s very hard to find out what the he is thinking or feeling most of the time. He can be overly polite and often talks as if he is apologetic for everything. He loves good food and making good food loves to cook when he can. Finding good tea and a good blow of rice is one of his favorite thing to do.


In the beginning of the new world he took the name of Young Master. Kenshin Tzusun was his original name as a player in YGGDRASIL. But, he was a human being by the name of Yun Satoru, his true identity. Somewhere during his lifetime, Yun lost his mother and father due to a car accident. Their death occurred not far from their home. He vividly remembers seeing it happen with his own eyes in the morning. He was a Police officer in the city they lived in. He used the games to get away from the stress of life. He was good at the game He could use his real skills in it he himself was a good at Martial Arts and cooking so it cam natural to him.

Kenshin had logged on like many others for the last moments of the game to say buy to anyone that logged on but, in the end, he was alone. Falling asleep he awakens to find himself still logged in and in his aviator. He could not seem to log out or leave. He was in the Mountain Monastery at the Great Hall in the center siting in a meditative position. Kenshin knew something was wrong. He stayed for about a day wondering around. He knows that he had to travel out to find what happened and what was going on. That was about one month ago and now finds himself in Faltra city investigating how this could have happened. He attained a Monastery called Rushing Waters where he learned Martial Arts he has work his way to become a Master in in many techniques and high-level master in Holistic medicine, Monk, Healer and many other skills.

The Monastery Rushing Waters showed him how to focus his Dragon Chi through intense training allowing him to help others with healing. It is vital energy that is held to animate the body internally forcing one’s spirit or life force in to energy to help the body heal or be stronger for defense and attack. It allows a person to brake objects. Using Dragon Chi and concentrate on people using the Dragon Chi a person can know if they are evil or not by how much negative magic they may have. You can even focus your Dragon Chi though weapons because they are an extension of a person. Dragon Chi is of the spirit it can touch the spirit to heal and destroy.


Adventurers Guild met Sylvie when looking for information.

Seekers of truth has heard of it and met some people that have been there. Looking for the Guild its self

Met Jysce and Omar at a tavern near Faltra.


Vambraces and shin guards Armor is crafted out of adamantite, the hardest metal known to man, and enchanted with magic that would deflect lethal effects beyond the physical. This means that the armor makes the user resistant to death magic but only up to a certain level. High level death magic like True Death or Grasp Heart would be able to kill the wearer.
Bow (Yumi) With this bow, felt power had increased Just from holding it. When arrows are fired through it, it provides the ability to pierce body armor and other defenses straight into the body of the intended target with great ease.
Tiger hook swords the pair called Wind of War crafted out of adamantite. (Cutting Edge: Able to gather air to give an extra cutting edge to a blade.) (Instantaneous Flash: Brain's second unique art, that allows an attack at an extreme speed.) (Void Cutter: User fires an air slash. Does less damage the farther the target is.)

Belt of the old master crafted out of adamantite was a legendary-class item imbued with several specialized stealth and ambush-type spells. (Dimensional Move improved) (Silence) (Counter Detect) (Quick March) It could even turn him Dimensional Move improved for a short while. By just touching the armor.

Experience gained


This character is not owned by anyone. You can adopt them if you become a member of this game.

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