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Summary: Holy Knight's Cleric and Executioner

Tilly the Outrider

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Group: Player






Holy Knight Cleric.
Create Water: Creates 2 gallons/level of pure water.
Cure Minor Wounds: Cures a tiny amount of damage
Detect Magic: Detects spells and magic items within 60 ft.
Detect Poison: Detects poison in one creature or object.
Guidance: A small ball of light acts like a compass leading to a desired direction or location
Light: Object shines like a torch.
Mending: Makes minor repairs on an object.
Purify Food and Drink: Purifies food or water.
Read Magic: Read scrolls and spellbooks.
Resistance: Prevents damage for one hit.
Virtue: Temporary increase of vitality
Gentle Repose: Preserves one corpse.
Remove Curse: Frees object or person from curse.
Remove Disease: Cures all diseases affecting subject.
Remove Curse: Frees object or person from curse.
Remove Disease: Cures all diseases affecting subject.
Heal: Cures a small amount of damage, all diseases and mental conditions.
Resurrection: Fully restore dead subject at the cost of levels.

Physical Appearance

Gray hair, pale skin and pale lavender eyes wears a custom armor set.

Personality and interests

Cold personality, speaks in a monotone voice. Likes to hurt peoples feelings. Always sounds bored. (is always bored) has little interest in hobbies. Says Meh a lot.


Despite her cold and harshness she started a healer/cleric


The Holy Knights group lead by Omar.


Holy Executioner Sword: Large sword with a flat tip.
Custom Holy Knight Armor
Headband of Haste: Speed boost.

Experience gained


(I thought I would start you halfway to leveling up, but feel free to change it)

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