Image of Maverick (real name Alec Cunningham-Reid)

Summary: Always looking for new knowledge and good deals.

Maverick (real name Alec Cunningham-Reid)

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Gender: Male

Age: 26

Group: Player






Life drain - 10
Is able to drain energy from other players.

Healing - 9
Can restore at least 50 % of a players lifeforce.

His primary job is to collect the souls of the dead and bring them to the other side, but he sometimes just keeps them to use the last life force of them or for some of his secret experiments.

A little more will be added soon, but proably nothing significant ;)

Physical Appearance

Pretty average hight, lean and sligthly pale skinned with short black hair.

Personality and interests

He can be quite charming when hen wants to, but in reality he cares more about his own interests than others. He is very curious and always eager to learn new things especially when it comes to curses (Though you might say he has a quite unusual passion for curses...).

In his world you have to give something to gain something.


Before he got caught in the game Yggdrasil Alec was a straight A student, almost about to finish his master at university.

Despite the fact that he came from a wealthy family and did so well in school he was pretty bored with his life. This is also why he started gaming in the first place and proably also why it has not really bothered him that he got sucked into Yggdrasil. 

Now he is thriving in the game, exploring and experimenting.


Has previously been in a relationship with Nikita in real Life, but she ended it because of personal reasons.


Is always dressed and when traveling carrying around a large bag filled with glass bottles of everything from appel juice to souls.

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Image of Maverick (real name Alec Cunningham-Reid)
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