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Summary: Demon with a heart of gold.

Baroness Ashedamondeus (Ash)

Gender: Female

Age: 29

Group: Player






Amateur Blacksmith
(TBA Skill once the story leads to it)

Physical Appearance

Tan skin, deep purple almost blackish gray hair, small horns, large pointed ears and tiny fanged teeth.

Personality and interests

Though her looks and usual resting face would make her seem like she is rude and most likely more evil then good, she is actually a caring person. Her old player personality was nothing more then a role play character meant to get out some of her frustration and stress on characters that were not real. Now that they are she sees them as something that shouldn't just be killed because she is strong enough too.


When the game was happening she was part of a guild that would tend to attack villages and towns in cities. It was fun for her to be a villain in game but would never do it in real life. They didn't realize the games was over when they did their final attack, in which she saw 90% of the people she knew die or be put in prison. They screamed in agony as they died leaving her to understand its was real now. But once things go real she threw away her demon persona and tried to live away from people at first then with people again. but they were to scared of her. She now lives with two other people she managed to be accepted by. Even though she was trying to reform herself.

Due to appeance is sometimes attacked if seen to close to major population areas.


Ivy (adoptive Daughter)


Hell Fire Braces (a set of elbow length armored gauntlets that allow flame punches or to throw flame bolts.)

Unnamed Choker (provides benefit of full armor set through high level enchantment)

Lava Strider Sabaton (Knee length heeled boots that allows lava walking)

Healers kit

Scroll kit

Haversack (no longer uses)

Experience gained


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Image of Baroness Ashedamondeus (Ash)
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