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Summary: Child trapped in this hell.

Princess_Cupcake (Ivy)

Gender: Female

Age: 10

Group: Player






(Wooden) sword proficiency
Amateur potion brewing skill
Amateur Scroll Crafting

Physical Appearance

Small child with wheat blonde hair, and bright green eyes.

Personality and interests

An energetic but well behaved child, who loves food, especially sweets.


Her father and her played the game together. Her father specialized in animal taming, when the game was going to end she convinced her father to let her stay online a few more minutes to say good bye to all the animals but she found she couldn't log out.


Maracos (adoptive Father)
Ash (adoptive Mother)


Custom made clothes: (made by Maracos)

Wooden training sword: (enchanted to do more blunt damage, she can't have sharp things that are not for food)

Haversack (Shared with Ash)

Experience gained


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Image of Princess_Cupcake (Ivy)
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