This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

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Experience is used to level up. Starting characters can not be over level 100, but as you play you can reach 101 and beyond. exp is gained by killing enemies, each enemy grants exp equal to their level. for example killing a level 1 grants 1 exp while killing a level 50 grants 50 exp

The exp needed to level up is current level x (current level x10) for example level 50 would be 50 x 500 = 25,000 exp needed to become level 51

please do not kill another player’s character without their permission however death is not necessarily permanent for characters.

All- can be revived by the appropriate level resurrection spell, the number of levels lost during resurrection depends on the level of the spell. Priests of the new world will usually cost 5 levels unless they are player created

If you die at level 5 or below you will be permenantly dead (some characters can be reincarnated)

Players- will automatically be revived after 1 hour at the nearest temple or shrine. their entry point to the world can count as a respon point if it is the closest. they can be resurrected by spells or skills before the hour runs out.

NPCs- Will be automatically revived after 1 day at the cost of 10,000 gold or 5 levels if they have no gold. like players this will be at the nearest temple or in a player created guild building from the old world.

New World Natives- Have no automatic respon, however their soul can be brought back no matter the state of the corpses as long as they are above level 5.

The known map so far

Faltra city is the farthest known point south, The city of Greenwood is to the north and the surrounding forest belongs to the elves. The northern part of the forest is populated by ents and nature spirits. The northern mountains where dragons live extend a long ways east, to the west of the mountains is a large freshwater lake where merfolk live (think lake Michigan). North of the mountains is the halfling hills.

The rest of the map has yet to be explored and the geography can be discribe by whoever gets there first.