What is next

Kinshen looked at his ale “maybe I have had too much ale” as he took a drink. He looked back at Omar and was about to say something when the door tavern door open and a group walk in. Kenshin knew that some of them were high level he could sense that in this world they could do the same he thought. a Muscular and sturdy humanlike man walked in a little taller than Kenshin with three lovely ladies. Now he was lucky Kenshin thought to himself. Looking back at Omar “I am still getting use to this city I have only been here two weeks. Most of my time so far has been figuring out what I can do with my skills. In the mountains there is no city that I know of like this.” He took another drink from his ale.” Kenshin glanced back at the new comers. He turned back to the others at the table “do you guys know them they are looking are way, but I bet they are looking at Jysce.” He turned looking back at the other table where the new comers sat. “As for low level resurrection magic, that is nice to have it is Omar” said Kenshin. He set his ale down on the table. “I will visit your brother I guess I will. I will see if this is a good thing for myself” said Kenshin. He paused then leaned on the table. “If I join do I get to lead knights” Kenshin ask. He kept feeling a little buzz coming from the ale. “So, what’s next guys.” Kenshin asked everyone at the table.

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