Passing Friendships.

Jysce laughed "Your' getting sloshed on that watered down swill? Best you not drink the one I gave you." she said sliding the still full mug back to herself. "
Jysce looked over to the table where Diablo and his friends sat. She pulled off one of the large prawns off the skewers. "Yeah kind of." she said with a shrug. "Looks busy though. Course I am too." She said working through her meal that looked fit for 3 to 4 people, but she was clearly going to finish it on her own. "I don't really fancy workin' for the church." she commented. "I ain't sayin' anythings wrong with them but they don't appeal to my ideals." she said. "I don't really know that I feel it wise to just kill none humans. They ain't done nothing to you. 'Cept maybe demons but even then some of'em ain't so bad." she continued using one of the bare skewers to poke the yoke on the egg on the rice before digging in. "Again no offence."

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