Omar looked over at the newcomers, “I don’t recognize him, but by the horns on his head he may be the false demon lord causing trouble in Faltra. I understand that being in this new world can be disorienting at times. If you join the holy knights you will have to swear loyalty to my brother, I don’t know if he realizes more players are arriving in this world, so you might not want to mention that fact to him. I am also curious Kenshin, do you hate non humans?”

He looked at Jysce, “Nice plate of food you got there, wish I could enjoy something like that.”

Omar hopes that if a high level player like Kenshin joined him he could overthrow his brother. Omar was beginning to hope that the God he had forsaken existed and if Kenshin joined him against his brother Omar was willing to give up his sadistic and hedonistic lifestyle and make the church into the bastion of hope and equality that he and his brother had originally set out to create.

(If Kenshin says he does not hate non humans)

“As you can see I am not human myself, so I have developed a dislike for my brothers humans first agenda.” He kept his voice low so that no knights would overhear, “I want to make the church better for non humans while keeping myself in a position of power. If you two help me take down my brother I would greatly appreciate it. You should know we may need to kill him 20 times unless he surrenders before that.”

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