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Diablo was looking stoic on the outside but on the inside he was a nervous wreck as he didn't know what to say since Jysce was not to far away. So when their order came he was relieved that he could eat and avoid conversation. Shera was all to happy to eat her fill as she was a big eater. Oddly enough the only fat on her body was her large chest which annoyed Rem. Rem was still jealous of Shera in that sense since it was the one thing Shera was better than her at. Both girls were still competing for Diablo's attention since they didn't want to loose him or his power. As of late they were close to him on a regular basis. Alicia was amused by the affection both of them had for Diablo. She hoped that tonight she would get to see her wish come true.

As Diablo was eating his large plate of meat he he decided to use a chant-less Analyze spell to see if the others near Jysce were from his world as well. Info was critical and he would need to inform Maracos and Wisdom if he found more players who were also trapped in the game.

Gender: Female
Age: 28
Race: Amazon
Jobs/Skills: Racial Skill (+1 to total strength)
Strength: 11
Pole Arms: 10
Scythes: 10
Rustic Cooking: 10
Physical Appearance: 7.5 feet tall, strong Ticc muscular legs, very tone body, strong arms, big blonde hair, blue eyes. See image.
Items/Equipment: Basic Amazon armor (high ranked)
Massive Pole Ax with seemingly nothing special about, aside from its weight.
Experience gained: Maxed points

Gender: male
Age: 18
Race: Automaton
Level: 13
Jobs/Skills: Does not need to eat, sleep, or breath.
Fighter level 10
Monk level 3
martial art: twin slash
Physical Appearance: Grey from head to toe and has noticeable gears for joints. He wears full plate armor and always carries a silver kite shild that matches his armor. He has no eyes but can somehow see.
Personality and interests: He has become bitter and arrogant. He enjoys expressing his power over those weaker than him and seeks pleasure to an almost headonistic degree. He belives God has forsaken him and although he keeps up the religious act for his followers it has been years since he has prayed.
He spends every chance he can fighting to make himself stronger. He as acepted the position of god over his followers and abuses the level of power this gives him.
His armor is the best the human kingdom could make
his sword is enchanted with holy magic.
His Silver kite shield is enchanted with 10% spell absorption
He wears the amulet of instant revival which resurects him at the nearest temple immediately once a day at the cost of all experience gained so far that day.
He wears the ring of double experience and the ring of double physical deffence.
Experience gained: 700/1690

Kenshin Tzusun
Gender: Male
Age: In his 30s
Race: Humen
Level: 95th Level
Archery (10)
Monk (10)
Fighter (5)
Sword Master (10)
Weapon Master (10)
Holistic Medicine (10)
Weapon Smith (3)
Cook(Chef) (10)
Leather Craftsman (3)
Healer (5)
Master of Martial Arts (10)
Hunting (1)
Fishing (1)
Wilderness survival (2)
Acrobatics (3)
Gymnastics (2)
Talent Martial Arts is a natural at can learn faster and use more efficiently than most humans
He can use up to 6 Martial Arts skills with no problem up to 8 but must rest several days afterwords. He once used 10 but was in a coma for two weeks and his muscles were rip to pieces it took him a month to fully recover.
Greater Ability Boost: Improved version of Ability Boost that greatly increases the overall strength of the body.
Enhanced Magic Resistance
Dull Pain: It reduces the pain effect of an enemy attack.
Fatal Edge: An art that, by pouring energy into their blade, it allows the user to unleash an intense slashing attack.
Flow Acceleration: An art that temporarily accelerates the workings of the user's nerves, increasing one's attack speed and movement speed. The downside to it however, is that the extreme exhaustion that builds up in the user's brain.
Focus Battle Aura: By pouring the user's fighting spirit into their weapon, this art endows normal weapons with effects equivalent to those of magical weapons. With these weapons, it is possible to break through the special defenses of races such as angels.
Fortress: A defensive art that absorbs attacks. Can be used to offset the enemies' attacks. This technique did not require a shield or sword to be used. If desired, one could activate it with one’s bare hands. Of course, most people would use it when blocking with one’s weapon or shield because the timing had to be exact. When using it with armor, a miscalculation would result in one being left defenseless before the foes. Therefore, most people would commonly use it with a shield or weapon.
Impenetrable Fortress: Greater version of Fortress that deflects enemies attacks at a higher level.
Strong enough to parry Momon's greatswords if single-handed without Perfect Warrior.
Full Throttle: A Martial Art that allows person's own abilities and attacks to be increased to the maximum speed they are capable of.
Instant Reflex: An art that forcibly returns the user to attack stance after they are thrown off-balance by a previous attack. It's effective for dodging enemy attacks but puts a large burden on the user's body.
Piercing Dragon Punch Double piercing attack with elemental type damage. Developed from a martial art, Piercing Strike. As it is useful in both offense and defense, many warriors learn this martial art. Piercing Blue Dragon punch adds lightning-type damage.
Shukuchi Kai: Improved version of Shukuchi Allows the user to close the distance that allows the user to move freely in any direction.
Grater Heavy Blow Strike (Iron strike and Grand Power Strike) being able to punch though armor and other defenses raises the Iron strike crushing capability. On the other hand, it is also an art that inflicts battering damage on enemies with hard armor.
Six-fold Strike of Iron Strike an art that allows the user to strike nearby enemies mutable times with Grater Heavy Blow Strike. This art releases mutable rapid strikes of Grater Heavy Blow Strike that are although powerful. That is why the user only uses this when fighting against groups. It is a favorite killing move of the tremendously powerful belonging to the Old Master as one of his trump cards. However, it carries a great burden when each use takes as much focus as three regular arts, and the user's body is markedly exhausted.
Limit Breaker: Increases the number of martial arts that the user can use at once. It comes with a drawback later.
Body Strengthening: Raises an individual’s body defense.
Greater Evasion: Improved version of Evasion that allows the user to dodge attacks more easily.
Instant Counter: Corrects the balance of the user, allowing them to attack continuously.
Sense Weakness: Allows the user to detect any possible weaknesses in their chosen target.
Iron strike: it allows you to be able to strike hard objects like metal, armor and rock with hands feet other parts of the body with no injuries to yourself.
Physical Appearance:
Kenshin looks to be in his 30’s his is about five feet eleven inches. He looks very athletic at 200 pounds. His shaved head is distinctive of him He has piercing green eyes and you can tell by his skin he has been out doors a lot. Kenshin normally wares Light colored clothing but mostly seen in lose fitting heavy fabric pants and shirt with a gold colored metal belt, Vambraces and shin guards. His boots come almost to his needs and made of heavy leather he has been warring of late wearing a sur coat that from his Monastery with a blue Dragon on the back. The blue dragon looks like it is crawling up his back with its jaws open as if attacking. His Tiger hook swords are in a black sheath that is on his back Pack crossed with the handles to his sides. He has a chain raped around his waist under the sur coat. He carries two Iron smoking pipes in the tucked in to his belt. On any given day he can be also seen with an assortment of Marshal art weapons on him. Kenshin dose carry a Yumi bow on his back and a quiver of arrows when he is out.
Vambraces and shin guards Armor is crafted out of adamantite, the hardest metal known to man, and enchanted with magic that would deflect lethal effects beyond the physical. This means that the armor makes the user resistant to death magic but only up to a certain level. High level death magic like True Death or Grasp Heart would be able to kill the wearer.
Bow (Yumi) With this bow, felt power had increased Just from holding it. When arrows are fired through it, it provides the ability to pierce body armor and other defenses straight into the body of the intended target with great ease.
Tiger hook swords the pair called Wind of War crafted out of adamantite. (Cutting Edge: Able to gather air to give an extra cutting edge to a blade.) (Instantaneous Flash: Brain's second unique art, that allows an attack at an extreme speed.) (Void Cutter: User fires an air slash. Does less damage the farther the target is.)
Belt of the old master crafted out of adamantite was a legendary-class item imbued with several specialized stealth and ambush-type spells. (Dimensional Move improved) (Silence) (Counter Detect) (Quick March) It could even turn him invisible for a short while. By just touching the armor, Old master armor can deactivate invisibility spell. Once activated, it cannot be used again for a certain duration of time until the next day.
Experience gained: 192,200

As he looked over their stats he found that Jysce and Kenshin were very high levels and the Automation named Arabexplorer was very weak. He then used his magical telepathy to communicate to Wisdom and Maracos to relay that information to them. He wasn't sure if Arabexplorer was a local or not but Jysce was a player and Kenshin was to strong to be a local. Seeing as he needed to deal with the edge Diablo ordered a pint of ale to sip with his meal. He wondered how things would go tonight as he quietly ate his meal with the three ladies.


Ooc- Arabexplorer is Omar's game name so analyze would only give that information. Hope you don't mind the minor edit. -Wisdom

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