The question is....

“As you can see I am not human myself, so I have developed a dislike for my brothers humans first agenda.” He kept his voice low so that no knights would overhear, “I want to make the church better for non humans while keeping myself in a position of power. If you two help me take down my brother I would greatly appreciate it. You should know we may need to kill him 20 times unless he surrenders before that.”

“I don’t know about over throwing anyone” said Kenshin quietly. He pulled a chair out and sat down. “The humans first agenda, Hmm.. I am not for that line of thinking and yes, I am human. A person should be judge by their hart not race. If you want to change things you have to start with the ideology. We have to separate him from the others.” Kenshin looked around then at the table. “We will have to talk about this somewhere privet and fined others that feel the same way. Me versus him won’t work in this case.” Kenshin thought for a moment “we need to be alone for the rest of the conversation” said Kenshin. He watched as Jysce stuff her face with food. As the awkward silence settled “Jysce, you want something to do, can you help too” ask kenshin.

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