Joining a party

Jysce looked at Kenshin as she started to chew a large bite of the sweet cured roasted pork on her plate. Chewing for a but pondering the question. "Like I said, Ain't much for the church. Regardless of your views." she said. "I'm waitin' on someone, and I ain't fixing to risk her life walking into a band of heathens that hate on those that are different." she commented though it would be hard to notice she had slowly been putting bits of her meal aside. Like she was saving them. "And I'm meanin' no offence by this but you're pretty weak. And I ain't seeing no army backin' you up. I just see a measly handful of a rag-tag bunch in matching armor. Be taking a lot more then a team jersey to make a team."


The door to the tavern opened again Jysce looked to the door like she was expecting the person now. But it wasn't her friend it was some strange gray haired woman. Some strange huge sword on her back. "Are you done yet." she asked Omar. Her voice dull and lacking any energy. "We haven't got all day. I hear that man you were looking for might be in town again." she added.

(Just as a point of refreance she sound a bit like Aubrey Plaza's character on Parks and Rec)

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