The Tide Turns

Theseus made his way to where the Ents had said the elves were and when halted by the sentries he let them know that the northern forest was now a part of the Seekers of Truth Kingdom and that the elves could either become allies or enemies and that if he left without scheduling a meeting for his “Supreme Queen” he would most likely return with an army and that conquering the elves would be a trivial matter.

The poor elves at this point were beside themselves as they had just lost a lot in a short time. First the King passed on, followed by the first Prince. Then the Princess ended becoming an adventurer and now was a slave to a self proclaimed Demon King who defeated their second Prince and took back the Princess while burning many trees with his fire wall. Then Galford led his human army to attack the elves and killed the second Prince. Oddly enough the Elven kingdom was saved by the same self proclaimed Demon King. Now the emotionally distraught Queen was forced to rule over the elves as they recovered from their losses only to have a powerful Minotaur demand they join his Master's kingdom. The poor Queen shook with fear as she was at a loss of how to lead her people properly in times of war. They had enemies all around as the humans betrayed the treaty when they attacked them. The threat of the demons continued to grow as the days went by and now the Seekers of Truth Kingdom were making demands of them to submit under their rule.

The Queen shook in fear for her people as she was at the ends of her rope. She lost all her family and now she would soon loose her people as well. The stress was all to much for her to bare. One of the clerics suggested they arrange the meeting but in a month's time since they were recovering from a battle with the humans. The Queen agreed as it would give them time to think of a proper solution and allow their remaining spies to investigate the Seekers of Truth Kingdom. So the Elf Queen wrote on a scroll that she would meet in one month's time since they were recovering from a recent battle with Faltra and a self proclaimed Demon King. The Cleric delivered the Scroll to Theseus and relayed the message of its contents to him hoping it would satisfy him for the time being. The elves would normally arrogant and aggressive but as of late they have come to realize there are much stronger enemies out there.


As he looked over their stats he found that Jysce and Kenshin were very high levels and the Automation was very weak. He then used his magical telepathy to communicate to Wisdom and Maracos to relay that information to them. He wasn't sure if the Automation was a local or not but Jysce was a player and Kenshin was to strong to be a local. Seeing as he needed to deal with the edge Diablo ordered a pint of ale to sip with his meal. He wondered how things would go tonight as he quietly ate his meal with the three ladies.

After eating they saw it was getting late so they headed to the Inn to clean up and prepared for midnight. They rested together on the bed for several hours even though they were not sleepy. Once it was time they made their way to Star Fall Tower where they met Edelgard on the top of the very long staircase.

Edelgard: Edelgard glad to see you came.

Diablo: You said we can remove the demon soul without hurting Rem.

Edelgard: Indeed. Edelgard talk to dark priests and others on ways to awaken Krebskulm. Edelgard learned each way is dangerous and can harm Krebskulm, but this way best.

Alicia: So after Krebskulm awakens what then?

Edelgard: Edelgard not care. Edelgard only follow Krebskulm.

Shera: Diablo is this wise?

Rem: What do you think Diablo?

Diablo looked stoic as usual when deep in side he was a nervous wreck, but he used his gaming sense to get more info.

Diablo: How does this method work exactly?

Edelgard: Edelgard learned you put all magic into her, while she lay on alter.

Diablo: Then what?

Edelgard: Edelgard learned Krebskulm will take form on what was preserved. Some parts may be lost.

Diablo: I see.

Diablo then figured out a few things in his head as he anticipated many possible outcomes and planned for them as best as he could.

Diablo: Its okay Rem I will do it.

Rem: I trust you Diablo.

Shera was nervous as she stood in the background while Alicia seemed excited to see the results.

Edelgard showed Diablo that he needed to put his hand below Rem's belly button pour in his magic. He found it was very similar to the process of removing the slave collar as he used a lot of mana only to discover his mana was being pulled in like a vacuum cleaner was on the other side. It was then that he felt Krebskulm's power which was on a different scale as it felt like a flowing river. After the ceremony was complete Diablo backed off and drank his restore potions to prepare for a fight as they watched Krebskulm take form into a giant six eyed shadow bug demonic monster. Edelgard was in awe and Alicia was gave a wicked smile while Shera and Rem were scared. Diablo prepared himself to fight even though he was not sure what Krebskulm stats were like.

Krebskulm: HAHAhahahahahahaahhaha!

This looked bad for a brief moment then the demon shadow began to condense to a small demon girl. She laughed and bragged about being revived.

Diablo: I am Diablo the true Demon King from another world and the one who will defeat you.

Krebskulm: Oh yeah then I will defeat you with.......Ummmmmm........Lets see.........I'll........I will..........Ummmmmmm......I forgot.

Diablo: You forgot how to fight?

Krebskulm: Stop picking on me. All I need to do is scorch the world!

Krebskulm looked like a kid bully holding a fireball and ready to fight till Shera interupted her.

Shera: NO! You can't.

That was the beginning of the confusion as it seemed Krebskulm had lost part of her memories including why she needed to destroy the races. Edelgard was at a loss as to why Krebskulm would obey Shera. Alicia was confused why Krebskulm would not fight and that left Rem and Shera to question why Krebskulm even needed to destroy the races. Since Krebskulm had a child like mind to match her body she too was confused by girl's logic. Then to tip the conversation in her favor Shera gave Krebskulm a bag of her cookies when they heard her stomach grumble. Edelgard tried to get Krebskulm to leave with her to her castle to eat a pile of corpses and resume her throne, but Krebskulm preferred cookies instead. Alicia seemed upset by the whole matter, but for secret reasons. Edelgard then obeyed Krebskulm and left her in the care of Diablo.

After leaving the Star Fall Tower they encountered a giant owl demon who was the head of the Demonic Moderate Faction. They were patiently waiting for the Demon Lord Krebskulm to revive before making a move. The Owl Demon demanded Krebskulm take her place at the castle so they could prepare to slaughter the races. Krebskulm was confused till Shera pointed out the cookies were made by the people of races. Since Krebskulm loved cookies now and wanted to eat them all she refused the Owl demon who was very ancient and strong. Since he like that answer he believed that Krebskulm was incomplete and needed to die to be reborn. The Owl Demon than attacked Krebskulm only to have to fight Edelgard and Diablo. Sadly Edelgard was weaker than the Owl Demon as she was injured. Diablo reflected the Owl Demon's magical attacks and dodged his punching attacks, but was not prepared for the Wolf/Snake Demon that popped fro the earth to attack Krebskulm from behind. Edelgard tried to defend Krebskulm but the wounded Owl Demon used his last bit of strength to hit her from behind as Diablo's flame lances pierced him from behind.

Out of instance Rem summoned her stone golem to block the attack, which caused it to crumble into rubble. However that move allowed Diablo to regroup and use a fireball to decimate the Wolf/Snake Demon. Then they turned their attention to the wounded Owl Demon who now looked like an owl and was very confused as it recognized Diablo having the power of late Demon Lord of the Mind, Enkvaros. It flew away in confusion and defeat. Rather than risk the safety of the girls Diablo called him a cowardly small fry and let him go. The fight gave everyone a bigger understanding of the current situation.

On the way back Diablo put a hooded cloak on Krebskulm to hide her appearance from the guards. Krebskulm was a happy Demon Lord as she ate cookies and walked with Shera. Rem was conflicted by the whole event as she was now free from her family curse thanks to Diablo, but unsure about letting Krebskulm live. This was hard for her as she held onto Diablo's arm for physical and emotional support. That night was pretty rough as Diablo was now sharing his bed with Rem, Shera and Krebskulm, while an upset Alicia spelt in her own room.

The Next morning Shera wanted to buy Krebskulm some clothes so she would not stand out as much. Alicia also thought it would be a good idea so she joined them after they washed up and enjoyed breakfast. Of course Krebskulm only ordered deserts, but since Shera was teaching her manners Diablo kept quiet. Once they were done they headed back to the market where they did some shopping again. Diablo was not a fan of shopping with females so he kept his distance and contemplated the recent events.

As his thoughts clouded his judgement he was distracted by Shera who came to ask Diablo for some money. After that they both noticed that Rem, Alicia and Krebskulm were missing. Diablo panicked and searched the market with Shera to no avail. Then they made their way to the Guild in hopes to find them there. Sylvie told Diablo she would help him search as they headed out in different directions.

TBC (I am bringing in a semi conclusion to the impending demon war soon)

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