Angel hunt

Omar was glad Kenshin was for joining them, “I am glad you will join us sir, those that support our cause are spread out among the human kingdom, but when the time comes we can bring them together to take on my brother.”

Tilly entered the tavern and said, "Are you done yet." she asked Omar. Her voice dull and lacking any energy. "We haven't got all day. I hear that man you were looking for might be in town again." she added.

Omar sighed, “Kenshin, why don’t you come help us hunt an angel?” walking over to Tilly he whispered, “Kenshin is a powerful man willing to join our cause.” He then gathered the holy knights pulling them away from their alcohol and their fights and moved everyone outside. Outside he ordered the knights who were not drunk to start searching the city for the angel.

when Omar, Tilly, and Kenshin were the only ones left omar asked Tilly, “With the addition of this man’s power do you think we will be strong enough to defeat Thelastprophet? If we can draw him away from the cathedral I believe we will have a chance.


Wisdom got the message from Diablo and took out a notebook to write down the names before returning his attention to Soularous as they planned their attack on the camp.


Theseus messaged Ladywisdom and she agreed to the elves terms of a meeting them in a month while recommending a week. She also scolded Theseus that he was sent out on an exploration mission not a diplomatic one even though the Ents were already a great ally.

Theseus returned to talk to the elf messenger, “A week would be preferable, but if your leaders are too busy a month is fine. Also please allow Angels and other flying beings to fly over your land as they explore the areas beyond the forrest to the south.”

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