On Bad Terms

Theseus messaged Ladywisdom and she agreed to the elves terms of a meeting them in a month while recommending a week. She also scolded Theseus that he was sent out on an exploration mission not a diplomatic one even though the Ents were already a great ally.

Theseus returned to talk to the elf messenger, “A week would be preferable, but if your leaders are too busy a month is fine. Also please allow Angels and other flying beings to fly over your land as they explore the areas beyond the forest to the south.”

The elves insisted on a month since they were still hoping to bring Princess Shera back to the kingdom and find some way to defeat Diablo since he took her away. Though they accepted the Angels scouting the area, they were not to keen on the idea of Angels flying and watching over them, but knew that they were in not condition for a war since Diablo injured the elite guard and took some of their sacred treasures. Of course having a distraught Queen only made the situation worse.

Once Theseus was gone the Queen broke down in tears as she was at a loss on what to do. She needed help and was now out of allies. They now had one month to figure things out before becoming enslaved by the Seeker Kingdom. Out of desperation the Queen summoned what was left of her council since the late psycho 2nd Prince either dismissed them, banished them or had them killed as a traitor. She was told it would be a day before they could find the remains of the council members including the retired ones so she would need to be patient. Hearing that she holed up in her room so she could cry in private.


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