"That depends if they see things going well and stick by your side." she said. "These men are no better then poorly trained dogs, their loyalty lies with the man who holds the food. Or in this case the power. You'd be wise to watch yourself these men are stronger alone then you and in great numbers you'd stand little chance. I won't burn all my levels to keep bringing you back." Tilly added.

Maracos was at the market, picking up some things. He was glad it was calm for a moment at least. Though in a city like this where he saw those knights walking around it was only a matter of time before the noticed him. Even with out his wings he was very much recognizable. The four swords he carried, his armor, even the way he stood could be a dead give away of who he was.

He was standing at a market stand that sold spices. Unaware of the hunt that was in progress.


The men at her table eventually left leaving her to wait for her friend to arrive. Where Cirill was, was a good question. But in the city Jysce figured she would be safe enough and she was quick enough and small enough to escape any of the human - only knights.

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