New guy gets to lead

Kenshin had been walking with Omar listening* to everything he had ask and thinking to himself what he had got himself in to. He looked around at the other knights and back at Omar. “An Angel, they are the good guys, right?” Kenshin seemed a little bit frustrated. “I have not been around here vary long, but something looks off about this. Yes I can fight but not a fighter per say.” Kenshin looked at the ground for a moment then back at Omar. “if you want the angel to join you let me talk to him first. I will see if I can smooth things over, if not, well we lead the angel away so not to destroy the town.” Kenshin smiled “I can start the trouble or end the trouble. I will not have innocent people harmed do this” said kenshin. Where is the angel now and how long be for it shows” ask kenshin.

Omar looked at Kenshin and then at Tilly as he thought about Kenshin’s plan, “I think you are right, You should approach him while we wait behind to watch you. If you do lead him away from the city we will follow you. We will be ready to help you fight the angel if you need it.”

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