Meeting the Angle

Smiling Kenshin looked round the street “why me, how did I get stuck here in this world. I just hope this is a bad dream and I will wake up from it soon. But I know some how deep inside it will not happen. Tilly you ready for this, He slips his back pack off handing it to a knight hold this for me” said Kenshin. He pulls his hooked swords from his pack and slips them in to his belt. “Omar remember keep your guys back” Kenshin requested. The monks face changes as he concentrates closing his eyes he takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly. His eyes open He looks forward his foot slides over the cobble stone street as his body changes his stance. A white hue covers his body. “I will run ahead and confront the Angle now” his body rocks back then forwarded. The dust around him rises as the energy around him builds there is a pop sound and he is gone. Everyone can spot him going the street with blinding speed the blur moving around things gracefully.

Kenshin moved thought the streets swiftly at a extraordinary seed until he saw the Angel. Kenshin stopped breathing heavily. He took a deep breath slowing his heart rate gaining his composure. He walked up to the Angle in a none threatening way his hands open. “May I speak with you” ask Kenshin.

(Sorry for the delay I am back from Florida now I should have time to write.)

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