"Omar do you think that fool is going to get himself killed?" Tilly asked, "I don't know if that one fully grasps who he's attempting to reason with."


Maracos heard the man behind him but he was busy comforting the child he was helping to find her mother. He was knelt down trying to keep the child from crying. "Would you be able to wait until I find this child's mommy?" he asked calmly, "It's kind of important." he said. "Marta here really misses her mother." Maracos added, before standing and extending his hand to her again. "So if it's life or death you can walk and talk, but mind your language." he finished, and started to walk away again. Never once looking at that man talking to him, seeming to not care that he seemed to be leaving an opening for an attack if that's what the man had wish to do.

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