Desention In The Ranks

One Day Later
My story is a day ahead of everyone, but I wanted to finish Diablo's story. freel free to join in when the demons attack.

The Next morning Shera wanted to buy Krebskulm some clothes so she would not stand out as much. Alicia also thought it would be a good idea so she joined them after they washed up and enjoyed breakfast. Of course Krebskulm only ordered deserts, but since Shera was teaching her manners Diablo kept quiet. Once they were done they headed back to the market where they did some shopping again. Diablo was not a fan of shopping with females so he kept his distance and contemplated the recent events.

As his thoughts clouded his judgement he was distracted by Shera who came to ask Diablo for some money. After that they both noticed that Rem, Alicia and Krebskulm were missing. Diablo panicked and searched the market with Shera to no avail. Then they made their way to the Guild in hopes to find them there. Sylvie told Diablo she would help him search as they headed out in different directions.

While Diablo was distracted Alicia lured Krum away with the promise of cookies. She managed to get several street down before Rem confronted her. Poor Krum was confused by what was going on and by the fact she was not getting cookies. However before Alicia could answer the Paladin Saldras and his Holy night had them surrounded. Alicia saw the opportunity and told Sladras that Rem was a demon worshiper and she suspected the kid was with her. Saldras took great pleasure in escorting Rem and Krum to the cemetery to get the truth. Krum offered to destroy Saldras and the holy knights but Rem told her not to since she would become evil if she killed anyone. Krum gave in and they were both taken to the cemetery by the west wall.

Meanwhile Alicia left Faltra and met up with Edelgard by Star Fall Tower who was organizing the demon army to attack Faltra. As it turned out Alicia wanted to punish the humans for punishing her all her life. Her mother and father are abusive parents. They force her to study "proper" education until it damages her eyesight, then berate her for the glasses she wears so she can actually see (at least well enough to actually be able to recognize who she's talking to), routinely go through her possessions without notice or consent, despite her being a full-grown adult, and summarily destroy anything they consider "improper", only notifying her afterwards, and are constantly dismissive of her career and efforts, even going so far as to threaten her with ambushing her with a "proper" husband that they choose for her if she doesn't hurry up and find one for herself. She was forced into becoming an Imperial Knight, and endured a great deal of humiliation in the process, as a token female knight. Her hatred just kept on building over the years until she snapped, and wanted to end it all.
By teaming up with her only friend Edelgard she hoped to help begin the end of humanity. Edelgard was not very emotional and had no sense of humor but seemed to like Alicia. They both talked as they made preparations to destroy Faltra.

Back at the cemetery, Paladin Sladras was torturing Rem to near death as he was trying to make her confess her sin of being a demon lord worshiper. She refused and told Krum to not do anything as she was bleeding badly. Then out of frustration Saldras ran one of his swords through Rem to finish her off as he mocked her in jest. This set Krum off as she was now experiencing sorrow and pain of loosing a friend and began to turn into the Demon Lord Krebskulm's true form of a demonic black beast. Saldras prepared for combat and laughed as he believed he could actually win with his holy knights by his side. Sadly they lasted one mere second as the Demon Lord Krebskulm destroyed them with her breath weapon leaving only feet and the tips of the swords not hit by the blast.

Back at Star Fall Tower the demons felt the presence of the Demon Lord Krebskulm at full strength and attacked Faltra at the North Gate. The number of demons ranged in strength and most of them were small fry. About 3000 demons in total were advancing as the signal fire arrows were shot to warn everyone.
(Feel free to help defend Faltra from the demons)

Demon Lord Krebskulm was now on an angry rampage as Diablo and Shera managed to arrive to late. Diablo then gave Shera a handful of high quality recover potions to save Rem while he dealt with the Demon Lord Krebskulm. Shera quickly found Rem in the destroyed cemetery church and forced her to drink the potions after removing the knives and sword inside her. Meanwhile Diablo was now in a pinch since the Demon Lord Krebskulm's breath weapon was not magical and her monstrous strength was to intense. So he was forced to use underhanded tricks to keep the Demon Lord Krebskulm off balance. Luckily he didn't have to keep it up to long since when Shera brought Rem to Diablo. Diablo then used a bit of psychology to get the angry Demon Lord Krebskulm to revert back to Krum. By the good grace of luck it worked out somehow. Krum, Rem and Shera were now hugging each other in tears as they were glad it was over. Emile arrived to late and warned Diablo of the army at the north gate before heading over there.

Sadly before Diablo and his crew could leave Sylvie showed up and was upset to see Diablo was hiding the Demon Lord Krebskulm in Faltra. She told him she could not allow the Demon Lord Krebskulm to loose control in Faltra again and was even ready to fight Diablo as she gave him two choices: Kill Krum or fight her. Diablo thought for a moment then suggested a third option. This confused everyone as Diablo suggested Krum become his slave in order to avoid being hunted. As his slave her power and life was in his hands no longer a threat to Faltra. Sylvie questioned Diablo's thought as she was not sure if it would work at all. Diablo with the help of Shera and Rem managed to convince Krum and Sylvie it was a good idea so after getting Krum's consent Diablo performed the slave ceremony with rem's help. After the kiss the collar appeared on Krum's neck as proof of the bond. Sylvie seemed defeated but glad Diablo was able to find a way to control the situation without death.

Meanwhile back at the north gate with the demon army they experience desention among the ranks as they felt the presence of the Demon Lord Krebskulm vanish to a spec again. They quickly turned on Edelgard and Alicia and attacked them. Their only saving grace was the humans who attacked the demon army as Edelgard and Alicia managed to escape.

(Feel free to help defend Faltra from the demons)


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