Looking for mom

Maracos heard the man behind him but he was busy comforting the child he was helping to find her mother. He was knelt down trying to keep the child from crying. "Would you be able to wait until I find this child's mommy?" he asked calmly, "It's kind of important." he said. "Marta here really misses her mother." Maracos added, before standing and extending his hand to her again. "So if it's life or death you can walk and talk, but mind your language." he finished, and started to walk away again. Never once looking at that man talking to him, seeming to not care that he seemed to be leaving an opening for an attack if that's what the man had wish to do.

“Kenshin started to walk forward “I mean you no harm, I do agree that the child’s mother should be found first” said Kenshin. Walking beside them looking around He could only think that it was the knights fault for this child’s missing mother. There was not a lot of people around the knights had cleared most of the people out of the area. “I am sorry for what has happened to this Marta, I think in trying to keep peace and protecting the people this child was separated from her mother, I will make some restitution for that. For some reason the Silver Shields leader thinks you are a threat to the humans here in the city.” Kenshin said smiling speaking in a calm and even tone. He looked at Marta the child distracted by looking for her mom sniffling as she walked. Kenshin could not read the Angel on the other side of Marta. One thing was true right now Marta was one of the most protected children in the city. “My name is Kenshin I am a man of peace, I don’t believe in the way the Silver Shields do. That is why I suggested I talk with you instead of Omar the leaders brother. I think I know the answer, but I must ask the question. Are you a threat to the city and the humans in it?” Kenshin paused then looked around for the other knights they were as they were told to stay back Kenshin was sure that the Angel was aware of them too. “I just need to know your intentions. So, I can divert any miss under standings.” Kenshin kneels to the child’s level and pointed at a woman that looks similar to Marta. She was standing next to a building looking frantically around with some other people.

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