Marta gave Maracos a hug and ran to her mother. Before the woman could come to offer a reward he turned to leave. "I don't have any reason to harm anyone here." he started, "I am not the one launching attacks that lead to fights between myself and the knights." he added. Hand now resting on the bottom of one of his sword hilts. "They are the ones attacking me, and I might add that I have never killed one of them. Cut, of course. It's the only way to prevent them from attacking. Before they began attacking me for no reason my only intention was to live here, and try to figure out a way back to the real world. If that is even possible anymore." he added. Maracos still seemed to be ready for any attack. "I suggest you do not put to much weight on the words of that tin man." he said. "He knows how to rally people, his knights may follow but it's unclear if they follow is cause with true heart or they are following the greed of coin." he added.



"Are you sure it was a good idea to send him alone? He's just walked off with him, are you certain you can trust they won't become fast friends and turn on you?" Tilly said, not seeming invested either way.

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