An "impossible" problem

"Okay?" she was not quite sure what he meant by just regularly crazy stuff but chose to play along so far.

Then she listened to his storie about how he ended up with this nasty curse and quickly realised that this might be something that she would not be able to save him from, at least not on her own.

She hesitated sligthly before shaking his hand "I'm Nikita. Nive to meet you Xerox". She smiled sligthly despite this wired situation.

Without further notice, and without letting go of his hand she started her examination. She looked closer at his hand, feeling or at least trying to feel its contours. By doing this she was hoping to determine what this curse could be based on but it was difficult for her since this was caused by magic way beyond her level.

After a few moments she let go of his hand with a deep sigh "I'm sorry but I don't know if I'll be able to remove this curse from you, but..." She hesitated a little before continuing "I belive I know someone who can...". She looked away while saying this as she really did not want to have to seek this person though it seemed to be her only choice at the moment.

She then turned to look at him once more "However, I might be able to slow down it's progress if you want to?.".

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