Xerox crossed his arms and chuckled at Nikita's expression.

"Oh, wipe that look off of your face. You know, a guy like me doesn't get this far with a deadly curse-slash-sickness without coming up with a few contingencies."

He tapped the side of his head, as if to indicate his intelligence. If anything, it only made him look more stupid.

"I've already got a plan in will be in place, soon. If you know a guy he might be able to help out, we sure could use it."

He seemed not to notice the slight disdain she showed when mentioning her "guy".

Hands on his hips, Xerox looked up to the night moon, hand raising over his eyes as if he were looking directly at the sun.

"Right, you organics. You better get some sleep, you're no good to me on the verge of collapse. I have to do some more scoping out anyway, have to be sure this works."

The last part was mumbled and barely audible. Barely.

"Just be ready by morning."

And with a stereotypically roguish snap and point and a puff of shadowy vapor, the man was gone, leaving Nikita to her own devices.

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