A good night's rest

She looked at him with a confused expression, but before she ever got the chance to ask him what he was going to do he was already gone. "*sigh* Allright. Goodnight then..." She mumbled to herself as she sat down next to the fire.

What had started out as a regular evening had now been completely turned upside down. There was so many things she would have liked to ask this Xerox about, but that seemed to have to wait until tomorrow. For now she needed some rest.

As she lay down she just could not stop thinking about Maverick. Why did it have to be him who was the only one she knew could solve these kinds of things?

She looked up at the stars for quite awhile, unable to come up with a better idea, and Before she knew she was fast asleep.


When she woke up next morning the fire had died out. Yesterday's evening seemed almost just as a dream and when she could not see Xerox anywhere it started to feel so too.

Trying not to think too much about it she got up and prepared herself for the day.

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