Two new faces

After about half an hour Maverick was about done with his temporary camp but now just needed some firewood. He headed out to get some dried leaves, twigs and small branches along the edge of the woods when suddenly he heard the faint voices of a couple of girls. Well maybe it would be more appropriate to say the voices of one girl and one young woman, but no matter, their voices definitely caught his attention.

Quietly he moved closer to see who were talking and was a bit surprised by what he found. It was a young elvish-looking woman and a cute, innocent looking blond girl who was talking. It seemed that two such as them would be traveling around at this time of day, not to mention the bad weather, now that it had started raining sligthly. Though he had to admit he had seen weirder things.

Without further ado he stepped forward and smiled charmingly to both of the them while giving a small bow in courtesy "Well hello ladies. What are the two of you doing out in the rain at this time of day?".

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