Making a good impression

Maverick smiled disarmingly and held his hands up a little jokingly "Easy now. Of course I'm a friend. If I had wanted to attack you I would have tried to use the element of surprise to my advantage.". Then he looked at her fascinating steaming gauntlets and pointed at them with one hand "I love your gauntlets.". He certainly needed to lighten the mood a little and a few compliments would never hurt anyone.

"I'm Maverick" he said and took a step forward "and I was simply trying to find a little kindling to get a fire started when I stumbled upon the two of you.".

(OOC - I'm so sorry. I wrote this post 10 days ago and was sure I had posted it and that I had made a note that I would be on vacation for the next couple of days. Anyway, now I'm back and ready to continue ;) )

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