Bad Intentions

Diablo: So where to now?

Rem: Well I work as an Adventurer at Faltra city which is not to far from here.

Diablo: An Adventurer you say huh? They have such things here as well. Very well I shall join as well.

Shera: Me too. Me too. I wanna join too.

Rem: You are not needed and besides you're just an archer.

Shera: No way! I am a Summoner and an Archer. In fact I am level 40 already.

Rem: Maybe as an Archer, but not a Summoner.

Shera threw a pout and acted like a kid as she starred at Rem. Rem looked at Shera with an annoyed expression and then at Diablo.

Rem: Do we really need her?

Diablo looked at Shera who gave him her sad puppy dog eyes and was unable to cast her aside. However since he had trouble talking to them he used his auto response.

Diablo: You are both my property! You will stay by my side!

Shera smiled as she got her way and Rem was annoyed but glad Diablo would not abandon her either. Both girls have been betrayed before so it meant a lot to them that Diablo wanted them close to him. The girls escorted Diablo to the city of Faltra where he remembered it vividly from the game. However it was slightly different like the place aged a hundred years or so. He wondered what other differences he would experience in the city. For the most part he would most likely see the various races and new faces at the Guilds. In the game the NPCs were just background characters, but now he had a feeling they would be real like these two girls. For the first time he could hear the sound of his foot steps, the breeze on his face and the moisture in the air. from the river ahead.

Eventually they arrived at a fort and checkpoint to Faltra. It was a stone bridge across the river that led to the fort. Unfortunately for Diablo, the guards saw him as a demon threat right away. Luckily Rem was able to able to convince them he was not a threat. Rem explained Diablo was her summoned entity and the contract collar bounce off him and onto the girls so they needed to see the Mage Guild to fix it. The guards eventually gave in and let them into the city where the three made their way to the guild. Once again a few warriors were ready to attack Diablo and Rem and Shera had to repeat that collar spell reflected on them since Diablo was to strong. They were embarrassed by the whole thing and wanted to disappear. Sadly the Guild's top fighter Emile just arrived and saw Diablo with Rem and Shera wearing a slave collar and lost his cool as he attacked Diablo on instinct.

Emile: How dare you enslave Rem and her beautiful friend!

Diablo used a strengthening spell on himself and punched Emile in the chest and sending him into a wall. However before he could recover Rem and Shera had to again repeat that collar spell reflected on them since Diablo was to strong. After calming Emile down he humbly apologized to Diablo and bragged about being the protector of women in an arrogant manner. Emile had skill and looks, but it was a moot point after he opened his mouth and spoke of his affection of women. Rem and Shera gave him a creepy glare as he quickly shut up and headed to the Pub to cry in a pint. He always messed up when it came to charming women.

After making their way to the front counter they registered with the clerk and had their magic tested by touching a magic mirror. The mirror turned various colors depending on ones magic level. Rem ended up being a level 40 Summoner and Shera ended up as a level 30 Summoner. Rem made sure to rub it in on top of making a comment about Shera being all bust and no brains. Shera tried to explain she couldn't get them to stop growing, which made Rem more irritated. During that time Diablo was being tested and upon touching the mirror he turned it black. This freaked out the clerk and Diablo ended up meeting the Guild Master Sylvie who was a short Grasswalker or demi-human bunny girl in a skimpy outfit. Guild Master Sylvie explained to Diablo he was not in trouble and she needed to ask a few questions such as his future intentions and goals. Diablo then told her he was summoned by Rem and Shera and helping them with their problems at the moment. Of course he used the auto reply so it came off more arrogant, but Guild Master Sylvie could see he meant no harm, especially when he refused to take her job over as it would be to much trouble.

After Diablo and Shera became members they formed a party and made their way to the Inn across the street. Diablo was relieved to see he could get some peace and quiet from Rem and Shera who were arguing non stop about pointless things. Sadly Shera was broke and could not afford a room and Diablo had no currency since he just arrived so they had to share Rem's room against her will. Since there was only one big bed they argued over who would use it. Diablo was hoping to avoid the conversation till they demanded he decide on who would sleep by him. It was obvious the two were competing to get closer to Diablo so he would help them with their problem. Luckily they were interrupted by Sylvie who told them they had a guest at the Guild waiting for them.

The four made their way to the guild to meet with the Mage Guild Master Celestine Baudelaire, who was in charge of the barrier that kept the evil demons out. She had four mages as her escorts, but they were giving Diablo an evil glare. As it turned out Celestine wanted Rem to seek her protection and join the Mage Guild out of concern for her. Rem was honored by this but refused as she wanted to get stronger to find her own way. Naturally one of the mages spoke up and insulted Rem and Diablo for not obeying the Head Mage. It was obvious he didn't like non humans by his tone and words. However before Diablo got up Celestine corrected her escort and took her leave hoping to avoid conflict. Sylvie then apologized to the group and thanked them for their time. Diablo then questioned Sylvie n the common perspective of humans looking down on demi-humans. Sylvie then explained that it was a lot more common in other human cities, but remote cities like Faltra had more open minded types like Luma. She mentioned that the one in charge was a human hero named Lord Chester Ray Galford and he tolerated demi-humans since it was for the defense of Faltra.

After that Sylvie headed back to the Guild and Diablo headed back to their room with Rem and Shera. Sleeping next to them was to much for him so after they passed out he took a walk in the dark in the city. This was a bad idea since he ran into the four mage escorts as they were leaving the pub and were pretty lit. They talked trash to Diablo who ignored them till they summoned their level thirty monsters which consisted of a Dire fire Salamander and three Rock Rams. They made idle threats to Diablo who found them annoying after seeing how weak they were. Believing they could win they had their Summoned monsters attack Diablo only to watch him kill their summoned monsters. This sobering moment made three of the mages realize they just messed up by breaking the law by summoning monsters into the city and picking a fight. The leader on the other hand was furious that Diablo bested his strongest monster and charged at Diablo only to trip and knock himself out on the ground. Diablo was annoyed by the anti-climatic event as he watched the three pick up the mage and stagger off while making idle threats to not tell on them.

Diablo headed back to the Inn and slept on the floor since the girls looked to comfortable on the bed. He was having trouble being close to them. He decided to rest up and check out the Guild for work the next day.


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