Work to be done

Wayofwisdom woke up happy, but hungry. He got dressed in his snake skin cloak and thought that buying himself some non combat clothes would be good to do now that he had some money. He knocked on Summers door and she asked who it was, when he said it was Wiasdom the door opened up and she walked out with the same dress as yesterday. “We should go clothes shopping today. Come let us get some breakfast.” Summer followed slowly as she stroked her long red hair to straighten it somewhat.

When Wisdom reaches the bottom of the stairs he greeted Diablo, “Good morning Demon king and ladies.” Summer followed him with a slight bow, “hi” Wisdom sat across the table from Diablo and motioned for Summer to sit next to him as he ordered breakfast for both of them. “So Diablo, I got paid for my first quest yesterday and I plan to go shopping today, especially for clothes. Do you know if we can hire someone to check on quest requests while we shop?” Summer sat down her hands folded in her lap and her eyes looking to the side of the group. Wisdom motioned to her and then to the group, “Everyone, this is Summer, Summer this is Diablo self proclaimed demon lord and his companions Rem the pantherian and Shera the elf.” Summer forced a smile and waved at them before folding her hands again and diverting her gaze.


TinkerTank woke up and realized the world was wrong. She exited her room and mede her way into the central guild meeting room where Ladywisdom and Michael were discussing something while looking over a sheet of paper. When they noticed her Ladywisdom bowed with a curtsy and Michael put his fist to his chest and bowed while holding onto his magic staff in his other arm. “Good morning TinkerTank” they said in unison. TinkerTank grabbed a chair to steady herself dispose her being so close to the ground already. She had been used to being slightly short in real life and in the game things didn’t feel too tall, but now it felt like the two angels towered over her. “I can’t believe this is real.” she said to herself.

Ladywisdom came over and put a compforting hand on her shoulder, “Don’t be afraid, we are all here for you. Would you like me to summon the other floor guardians before I make my report? TinkerTank shook her head, “No, just the two of you are fine.” Ladywisdom proceeded to tell TinkerTank about how they had not been able to find any other guild members in the area surrounding the guild building, but that Michael had mapped out the surrounding land by flying about a 1 kilometer radius around the building and found that they were in the middle of a large mountain range and that the top of one of these mountains seemed to be replaced by the guild building. To the north were hills and possible villages most likely Dwarven in construction. To the east was a large lake and the villages along the shore that looked like they belonged to merfolk. The south was a large forrest with sights of wildlife, but no sentient species seen yet. The west was occupied by dragons and caves, further investigation was needed but Michael had not wanted to disturb the dragons unnecessarily. TinkerTank tried to take it all in and asked, “Thank you both for your hard work, is there anything that needs to be addressed immediately? Ladywisdom explained the need for food for all the guild NPC’s and the proposal to convert the angelic planes on floor 3 into farmland. Michael pointed out his concern that the outside could use more defenses, he also proposed using trees from the forest he had seen for building material for both projects. TinkerTank approved this and so as she took her time to check if all the items the guild possesed still worked and then spent the next two days going floor by floor getting to know every NPC from the most powerful and important to the least. While she did that the angels from the third floor built stockades outside on the mountain directed by Michael and they began converting the angel planes into farmland directed by Ladywisdom.

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