Message spell

The ladies on the other hand were shopping like teenagers at a mall. Diablo stood next to Wisdom as he watched the ladies shop and gossip.

Diablo: Sorry about earlier. I am still adjusting to this world. It still feels like a dream sometimes. How are you adjusting?

Wisdom looked over at him smiling as he was happy to see the girls having a good time, “I understand, I was just upset that you called her an NPC. I know this still feels like the game, but these are real people now, and I need to remember that so that the power doesn’t go to my head. I fortunately role played a good character, so diplomacy comes naturally as my first instinct.”

Wisdom was about to say more, but he twitched in a surprised manner, “Diablo can you see this, it looks like the chat boxes from the game!” Diablo couldn’t see anything, but Wisdom saw a message box.

“Father are you there?

W: I am sorry, I do not believe I am anyone’s father. How are you contacting me?

It is a message spell, is this not Wayofwisdom?

W: It is, who is this?

I am so glad, I am Ladywisdom your daughter. I am at the guild building with TinkerTank, you should join us if you can.”

With that the message ended and Wisdom stopped looking off into space and turned to Diablo, “Do you know a message spell? I was just contacted by an NPC I created letting me know my guild and at least one other player is in this world. It would explain why I felt strangely about my guild ring a couple days ago.”

Wayofwisdom kept an eye out for a tailor shop as they walked.

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