A Simple Request

The next day Diablo, Rem and Shera headed to the Adventurer Guild to look for a job. While on the way Diablo saw one of the hateful mages he encountered last night leaving the Guild and looking up to no good. As they got there they were intercepted by Sylvie who invited them to her office for a private matter. There Sylvie confronted Diablo about his skirmish with the mages last night and he replied they were of little importance. Sylvie chucked at Diablo's lack of concern, then she told him they received a special request from the Mage Guild to investigate an area for missing Adventurers.

Diablo: Well this is an obvious trap.

Rem: Indeed.

Shera: Huh? How do you know?

Rem: Seriously? How naive can you be?

Shera: Stop being mean Rem.

Sylvie: So what are you gonna do about it?

Diablo: Simple......I shall take the request and expose the trap.

Sylvie: Works for me.

Rem: Are you serious:

Shera: I'm confused.

Rem: Diablo why would you head straight into a trap?

Diablo: Simple. They have vexed me and I will expose their weakness to the public.

Sylvie: Oh and do be careful since that area also has a rather large serpent spotted there. I already dispatched two teams to hunt it down.

Diablo: Very well we will leave soon.

After leaving the Guild they gathered some supplies. They made their way to the blacksmith weapon shop to find Diablo a melee weapon since he was worried about killing someone by accident if he was attacked again. Rem was curious what he would choose since he was a Sorcerer. Shera was quick to point out the nice swords on the shelf, but Diablo was not looking for a sword. Eventually they met a Grasswalker demi-human female who was part part rabbit and a nervous wreck, and loud due to loosing her hearing partially. She tried to show off the good weapons but Diablo wanted a strong but dull weapon so he would not kill weak humans who attacked him. Then by chance he saw what he was looking for.


He saw the most wickedly created war scythe ever made as it was poorly made. Diablo asked to see it and the female smith apprentice panicked as she tried to explain it was her first attempt at making a weapon and it came out badly. It was heavy, poorly balanced and dull. Diablo grinned as he heard her speak since it was exactly what he was looking for. He then told her that weapon was made for him and it looked perfect in his hands as he posed with it. Seeing as Diablo was very convincing she only charged him the cost of the metal since it was a terrible weapon, though it did please her to sell it to someone who appreciated it. After that he put it in his pouch of holding. From there they picked up some snacks and headed to the location across the bridge past the fort. Once they were there looked around and found several dead bodies. Rem recognized them as fellow Adventurers and believed they were sent by Sylvie to kill the serpent. Then they heard a scream and ran to it only to find the giant serpent killing the last Adventurer. Diablo used his war scythe to behead the serpent, but sadly the victim was already dead from the bite.

Then Diablo told the girls to stay back as he felt something was off.

Rem: Are we not alone Diablo?

Shera: No there are lots of others in the trees ahead.

Rem: You can see them?

Shera: Sure I can see several life forms in the trees over there. I can see their auras, but they are not as bright as yours and Diablo's.

Diablo: I see.

Rem: Wow how can you be so gifted and dumb at the same time.

Shera: Don't be mean Rem.

Diablo then used ice magic to cover the land and trees, which forced the hidden individuals to escape their hiding places. As it turned out they were wood elves looking to capture Shera, by order of the Prince of the Elves. Another figure that came out was the hateful mage who blames the elves for not doing their job. They made a deal with a mage to lure them out. It was then then Diablo and Rem learned that Shera was an Elven Princess and ran away from home after her brother wanted to marry her. He was clearly insane and his warriors had to obey him as he put a large bounty on her to be returned home. Diablo then threatened them if they tried to take his possessions (slaves) from him. The elves begin shooting Diablo with arrows only to discover his cloak absorbs 90% of physical attacks. Since the arrows were a weak attack he barely noticed the damage at all, before he used a low level lightning spell to stun the elves. The cowardly mage used that chance to escape the attack as he ran back to the Mage Guild knowing he was in trouble.

Once Diablo made short work of the elves he threatened them to never come near Shera again or they would suffer intense pain again. Shera was happy that Diablo didn't kill her people and that he was protecting her. Rem got a bit jealous as Shera was getting close to Diablo and Shera did need his help as well. After Diablo collected the bodies of the Adventurers and the large serpent into his pouch of holding, the three set off to make a report. On the way back Rem was in a world of self pity as she was silent despite Shera being happy. Diablo noticed this and took Rem aside and pinned her down and made her confess her issue in private. Rem tried to resist but her tears betrayed her and before she knew it she confessed that she was born in the Gad family and as the vessel of Demon Lord Krebskulm's soul, inheriting from her mother. At some point in her life, she left her family, became a Summoner and met Celestine Baudelaire of the Mage's Association. Celestine wanted Rem to be part of the Magician's Society in order to keep her safe and prevent the revival of Demon Lord Krebskulm in the event of her death. Rem refused and became an adventurer to find a way to defeat Krebskulm's soul on her own. After gaining a number of Summoned Beasts, Rem decided the best way to defeat a Demon Lord is a stronger Summoned Beast and decided to summon one from another world. In Starfall Tower, she came to summon a Demon King and met Shera who also wanted to summon a stronger beast. They both did the summoning ritual at the same time and summoned Diablo.

Diablo then paused as he saw Rem in tears. He didn't know what to say so he once again used the auto reply and ended up arrogant again.

Diablo: A Demon Lord huh? I have said this before and I will say it again. You are my property and I will not part with you. If a Demon Lord tries to take you I Diablo the Demon King will destroy them and any other enemy as well. Non shall take what is mine.

Rem seemed happy to hear Diablo vow to destroy Krebskulm as she hugged him till her tears stopped. Of course this was hard for poor Diablo as he was once again overloaded with to much stimulation since Rem and Shera had a tendency to get affectionate with him. Rem asked to keep this from Shera since it was to dangerous to let others know her secret. Diablo agreed and took the girls to the Guild where they reported what happened and turned in the bodies of the snake and dead Adventurers. Sylvie then sent the report to Celestine, who dismissed the offending Mage from his position after abusing his position to many times. They received a decent award for the snake corpse and Diablo decided to take a break so he could recover his mana. Shera and Rem did some shopping as Diablo worked on his alchemy skills to compound mana and healing potions. Since they took a lot of time and mana to make he was only eating working and resting for a week in his room.

After a week Shera and Rem found Diablo resting and nagged him to leave the room since he was making them worry. The irony was that back in Diablo/Jack's real world he was a recluse and used to being a shut in. Diablo was annoyed by the constant touching from the girls as he was getting dizzy from it since he was not used to it. Then Sylvie came in to see the three looking awkward as they were in a weird hugging position. She giggled and commented on how close they were. Diablo figured Sylvie had another job for them and he was right. Apparently it was a special job from the Mage Guild by Celestine herself to deliver supplies to the guards at the fort. After some choice questions Diablo figured out it was Celestine using a roundabout way to pay Diablo and the girls for the trouble her former vassal caused them. Diablo agreed to do the job but Rem didn't want to do it s she stayed behind as Shera left with Diablo with Sylvie to the supply wagon.


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