Sleeping demon

Wayofwisdom used “speed” to reach the downed Soularous and poured a healing potion on the shattered knee to restore it. Wayofwisdom then slung the sleeping body over his shoulders and made his way back to Diablo.

“I have apprehended our attacker. I recomend that we take him somewhere safe where we can interrogate him when he wakes up. Emile, do you have any recomondations of where to take him?”


Ladywisdom was overseeing the irrigation of the angelic planes inside the guild Seekers of truth. She had messaged Wayofwisdom and was so excited that he replied that she forgot to tell him where the guild was. She messaged TinkerTank to let her know she had found her “father” and TinkerTank agreed that after establishing a strong base of operation that they should look for Wayofwisdom if he didn’t find them first.

Ladywisdom, “Shall I order Michael to start searching for him after he completes the barakades?”

TinkerTank, “No, after he finishes that project I want him to scout our Dwarven neighbors so that I can establish a friendly relationship with them. Also Send Thaseus to scout the woods, A Minatour should be able to scout that terrain best.”

Ladywisdom did as TinkerTank asked.

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