Demon Attack

Diablo agreed to do the job but Rem didn't want to participate so she stayed behind as Shera left with Diablo with Sylvie to the supply wagon by the Guild. Since Diablo was very strong due to his high stats he had no problem pulling the wagon along as he and Shera walked tot he fort. It was actually a pleasant and quiet walk for the two as Shera was happy to be next to Diablo. Since she was a Princess she was raised ignorant of a grate many things such as lies, betrayal, hate, vengeance, war, intimacy and lust. So as she slowly began to experience them she was confused and didn't quite grasp the true meaning of these topics. She liked being with Diablo and it felt good to hug on him, however she had no idea what her fondness did to him. Diablo on the other hand was eventually getting used to sleeping between the two females as he was worn out from using a lot of mana to cast spells or compound potions. Since he needed high level potions due to his high level he ended up using a lot of mana to make them. He was worried that one day he would need them in a battle.

After they arrived at the fort they turned in the supply wagon to the head guard and received the letter of acceptance. Diablo made some small talk with the head guard who was glad Diablo was not an enemy. Then as they were getting ready to head back the warning horn sounded from above as a few frantic guards came rushing towards the Head Guard to warn him of a demon army approaching the bridge. Diablo and Shera headed up stairs with the head Guard to see the army of Fallen Demons.

The leader of the Fallen seemed to be a Dragon Knight (Edelard) who was riding a small dragon ahead of the army. As Diablo scanned the army he estimated their numbers.

Diablo: It appears they have about 500 in numbers ranging from small fry to a Dragon Knight.

Head Guard: This is bad. We only have a 100 men here. You two got back and warn the others.

Shera: But won't you all die?

Head Guard: Yeah, but this Fort is all that stands between Faltra City which is the only stopping point between that army and the other cities.

Shera: Diablo please! You need to do something.

Diablo: if I care in the wars of mere mortals! However these demons are interfering in my quest to earn my living so they must be dealt with. Make your preparations for defense and warn the city as I educate these arrogant fools.

Head Guard: Yes sir.

Shera: Thank you Diablo.

Diablo stoically walked to the beginning of the stone bridge and saw the demon army waiting as the Dragon Knight dismounted her small wingless dragon and walk towards Diablo. Diablo met her at the middle of the bridge to see if she would give up.

Edelgard: Edelgard is Dragon Knight. Edelgard is here for soul of Demon Lord Krebskulm. Give to Edelgard or die.

Diablo: You mere fool! Do you not know I am Diablo the Demon King from another world? You are interfering with my whims and will suffer if you and your ilk persist.

Edelgard: Edelgard will kill you then.

Diablo: As if.

Edelgard quickly charged at Diablo with her halberd and missed as he dodged and began his spell. Edelgard was good and came close to hitting Diablo several times but since he already knew the fighting sequences of a Dragon Knight he quickly grasped her timing and egged her on with his fast dodges. Then she quickly backed up as she saw he was about to cast a spell. She barely made a barrier on herself as Diablo cast his White Nova spell, which is a level 100 Fire and Light spell. The strongest magic spell that Diablo can use. On the tip of his staff, a pure white fireball about the size of a ping-pong ball is produced. The fireball then falls to the ground at a lax speed. The instant the fireball touches the ground, it will split open in a pure white flash with a thunderous roar--a disintegrating annihilation due to magic power should be repeatedly happening in the effect range of the attack. The effect range is a semi-circle that went about twenty-something meters wide from the caster's feet and goes on a quarter mile. Its power is tremendous enough to defeat a high-level monster in one hit. However, the weakness of such a powerful spell is the huge MP consumption along with how it took time until the spell is invoked. Diablo needed thirty-something seconds until the spell was invoked, which is why he had to dodge Edelgard's attacks.

After the blast was over the injured Edelgard looked at Diablo and the remains of her demon army. She was shocked to see he wiped half of them out with that attack and looked back at Diablo who was grimly looking down on her.

Edelgard: Edelgard go now, but spy in side city now. Diablo to late.

Diablo stood his ground as he watched Edelgard retreat with the remains of her army into the demonic forest. He then told the Head Guard about the city being infiltrated. The Head Guard began to panic as they could not get a messenger there in time. Diablo sighed as he was being forced to use his teleportation magic without having tested it yet. However since Rem and Celestine were in danger he grabbed Shera and teleported to Faltra before the Guild.

However while Diablo was dealing with the demon army Rem had a meeting with Celestine about Diablo helping her. Sadly they were rudely interrupted by the mage who got fired by Celestine as he ranted on before stabbing himself with a demonic dagger. As it looked like he died the other mage escorts tried to drag him away only to be killed violently. Instead of the angry mage standing up he was now a demon.

The demon mocked the foolish mage for letting him trick him into taking over his body so he could kill Celestine and allow the demon army to invade Faltra. Rem wasted no time summoning her golden ram and grabbing Celestine so they could ride the golden ram out of the building. Since Celestine was maintaining the barrier she could not use other spells. As they were escaping to the Adventurer Guild the 8ft tall Reptile Demon hurled a spell under the feet of the golden ram and sent all three flying to the ground. The Reptile Demon mocked them and attacked them only to get attacked by the Adventures in the area. Sadly they were no match for the Reptile Demon as he killed and wounded many of them on his way to Celestine. Rem held Celestine as they could not escape in time.

However Emile made it in the nick of time as he blocked the Reptile Demon's attack and rambled on about being the Protector of all Women. It was obvious the Reptile Demon was stronger than Emile who was a level 50 fighter. Emile did his best to fight the Reptile Demon but was unable to handle his dark bullet spells which increased gravity on the target. Emile proudly took a beating that was meant for the women he was protecting with his life, however he refused to go down. Then the Reptile Demon used a powerful dark bullet on poor Emile and shattered his armor leaving him in raggedy clothes and breathing hard.

As Emile tried to stand up using his sword as a crutch, Diablo appeared and put his hand on Emile's shoulder.

Diablo: You did well Emile. Now rest as I punish this fool for daring to interfere with my property.

Shera rushed to Emile and gave him a recovery potion that Diablo gave her a bit earlier for emergencies. Diablo then confronted the Reptile Demon who mocked him. Then the Reptile Demon tried to used the Dark Bullet on Diablo only to have the spell reflect back on him. The Reptile Demon screamed as he was hurt by his own spell. He then tried to get back at Diablo by casting a big Dark Bullet spell only to have it reflect back on him again. Diablo then mocked the Reptile Demon as he used his own Dark Bullet Spell on the Reptile Demon to punish him. The Reptile Demon laughed as he told Diablo the demon army was already destroying the fort, however Diablo told him he already defeated Edelgard and he was alone. The Reptile Demon tried to get up by Diablo then increased the spell to a Dark Blast which was like a the Dark Bullet but in a shotgun blast above him. The Reptile Demon sunk into a crater as he was being crush by 10 times normal gravity. Diablo literally crush his limbs apart to show him what fear was like. The Reptile Demon then begged for mercy and Diablo mocked him as he told him he would get the same mercy he showed others before he killed the Reptile Demon.

After Daiblo turned to see the others Sylvie and a few others were helping the wounded and covering up the dead. Celestine and Rem were grateful to see Diablo again. In fact Rem held him as he cried into his chest. Celestine was glade Rem found a strong partner to help her with her journey.

The next day poor Diablo was tired from using to much mana as he stayed in bed. He felt lethargic when his mana was to low and he didn't like it. He remembered in the past back in his real world he would watch tv and snack during his need to vege out. Shera and Rem collected the reward for Celestine's quest and did some shopping while Diablo rested. He was worried as he stared up at the ceiling. He wondered if he would ever go home and if he did what would he do. A lot has happened in the short time he woke up in the game and it was hard to adjust to. He also wondered how he was going to help Shera and Rem in the future since the demon army was looking for Rem and the Elves were looking for Shera. He was worried that he was in way over his head and was lucky he had prior knowledge of the game that kept him alive. It scared him to know he could actually die and not come back.


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