Halfling hills and Ent forest

Theseus breathes in the fresh air as he descended the mountain side. He smiled at the angels working on the wooden barricades as he passed them. He thought it was amazing that the real sky looked so much similar to the artificial ones inside the guild floors, then again the magic the Supreme beings that created the guild was amazing as well. He secretly hoped that he would meet his creator Wayofpine as he searched the woods even though he knew he probably wouldn’t find any players. He was a little jealous that Ladywisdom had gotten to contact her creator, but he wanted to be happy for her because that meant there was hope that his creator may be in this world as well.

When he reached the forest he came across a bear that had killed a dear and was enjoying it’s lunch. The bear was unhappy that it had been disturbed but Theseus was unfazed. Theseus used his beast tamer ability to make the bear his pet. He ordered the now collared animal to accompany him as he walked through the forrest making his way south-west as he looked for sentient occupants within the forrest.


The Dwarves guarding the city were on edge, they had seen a flying humanoid pass high over their city multiple times. They had not gotten any reports from the hobbits, gnomes, or other Dwarves, but they were worried that this being may be scouting out their territory to prepare for an attack. Their city at the side of the mountain was just the outside part of a larger Dwarven city within the mountain like the tip of an iceberg.


While Michael gathered information about the halfling hills TinkerTank was learning as much as she could from Ladywisdom about diplomacy. TinkerTank hoped that being a gnome would help her form a favorable relationship with the halflings in the northern hills. From his earlier reports TinkerTank knew that goblins, hobbits, gnomes, and Dwarves lived peacefully together in seemingly segregated communities. Whether they were one country or up to 4 separate nations was unknown, so TinkerTank was preparing to approach the gnomes first. She had read up on gnomes from the guild library and was learning diplomacy from the NPC who should specialize in it even if she lacked the in game skill.

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