Meeting new people

Wayofwisdom came out of the Tailor shop with Summer and was happy that he would have some new clothes ready for him next week. He caught up with Diablo and his group, but decided to approach Rem instead of Diablo because Diablo was talking to someone Wisdom had not seen before. “Rem I got what I needed from the Tailor, who is that Diablo is talking to?”


The Gnome’s Capitol which was usually a hum of activity had quieted down for a rare occasion. An angel was following a Gnome lady riding a golem with a throne looking seat strapped to it’s back. The Gnomes whispered amongst themselves who it might be and what an angel was doing following her like a servant.

When TinkerTank reached the town hall she dismounted the golem and left it outside. She made a good impression on the nervous mayor as they discussed the possible benefits of the Gnomes forming a trade relationship with Seekers of truth. The mayor informed her that the Dwarf king technically ruled over all the halflings even though each race had a large amount of freedom to govern themselves. The mayor gave her a letter of recomondation and offered to give her a couple of gnomes to come with her to see the king.

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