A Close Call

With help from Celestine, Diablo learned that he could learn the Slave Seal technique from a Slave Merchant in the city. So he takes Rem and Shera to the Slave Master so he can learn to undo the slave seal on them. The Slave Merchant turns out to be a beautiful woman who is not pleased to have to share her secret, but is doing it for Celestine. Out of concern for Rem's secret being exposed he chooses to practice on Shera. Its an awkward lesson as Diablo practices on Shera. She seems to be enjoying the feeling of him manipulating her Magical Seal, but he figures it out in time. However the Magical Seal on her is very complicated like a knotted up ball of string. Diablo manages to undo a few strings but gets tired from just that.

After the lesson, Diablo thanks the Merchant and takes the girls out so Shera can work on her next Summoned Beast. Rem shows Shera how to make the magic circle on the ground before performing the spell to summon a random beast. Suddenly a bird appears before them the size of a large pigeon. Rem tells them it is a Turkey Shot bird and it can share vision with Shera while in flight but it is only good for short range so most find it useless. If Shera wants to keep it she has to kiss it to make the contract seal and a collar will appear on it like the ones on Rem and Shera. Shera wants to keep it despite Rem thinking it useless. However Diablo thinks it is perfect for Shera since she is an archer. He explains as he puts a large copper coin on the ground behind a tree and has Shera use her Turkey Shot spot the coin from the air and then adjust to shoot it. Shera does as Diablo suggests and hits the coin with a lobed shot over the tree.

Rem is very impressed that Diablo could figure that out so easily. Diablo tells her it is simple common sense since he doesn't want to tell her he got the idea from a movie he watched about snipers before he was trapped in the game. On the way back they find a female knight who seems lost. After helping her find her glasses they learn she is on her way to Faltra to deliver a message from the King. As it turns out the Knight's name is Alicia Crystella and she is looking into the matter of the Demon Army attacking Faltra. Diablo uses the default reply and tells her he defeated them. This is shocking but informative as he tells her a tale of him kicking butt.

After coming back they run into others trying to kidnap Shera and find out her twisted brother put out a bounty for her return. Diablo is not happy as he heads to the Guild with Rem and Shera as Alicia reports to Galford. Sylvie does her best deal with the bounty and has Diablo meet with Galford. Once there Diablo refuses to deal with the elves or hand over Shera. Galford doesn't really care for the elves but he knows it may lead to war on top of the demon army being close. Galford made a snide comment about useless Adventurers getting in the way of protecting Faltra. Diablo then reminds Galford he never saw his presence when the Demons attacked, in fact only Adventurers stood up to them in the city. Galford was not to cool with that comment as he dismissed Diablo with an excuse of having another appointment. Sylvie escorted Diablo and the girls back to the Inn where they met Alicia.

Since they are hungry they share a meal down stairs with Alicia and learn that she is the only female knight. Rem and Shera tell her about the battle with the demons to help with her report. After a full meal Shera heads to the bathroom to powder her nose. Diablo is distracted when Alicia mentions the human Church is on a big crusade to wipe out the demon supporters, however its just an excuse to torture people and kill them. After a good while Rem notices Shera has been gone for a while and goes to check on her. When she comes back she tells Diablo she saw Shera being taken by elves after looking through the window. Apparently Shera is kidnapped by the elves so Diablo, Rem and Alicia race off to chase after them. Sadly the Elves have fast Elks they are riding and Diablo and the ladies are on foot.

So they give chase to them and follow them to the Elven village. Its a long run to the forest and Diablo is forced to killed a few low level monsters on the way. Luckily for Diablo he can track Shera by her Magical Slave Collar. After using a low level lightning stun attack to take down the elite guard of elves he smashes down the wall to the house Shera is being held in. Shera's brother, Keera Greenwood, was pissed as Diablo interfered with his spell to gain control of Shera's mind and enslave her.

Keera Greenwood

Keera yells for his guards but Diablo mentions they are on the other side of his magic fire wall. Diablo made it to keep the elf army away as he defeats Keera and rescue Shera. Diablo uses magic to break the shackles on Shera's hands and legs so he can free her. This angers Keera as he attacks Diablo with his sword only to get pummeled to the ground like a wimp. Out of desperation Keera uses a crystal to summon a hydra that can not be controlled since it is too powerful. It was part of the sacred treasures of the Elf Kingdom. The hydra attacks Keera who gets his arm wounded while trying to order it to fight for him. In order to protect the females, Diablo fights the hydra but it keeps regenerating no matter how many times he hits it. Shera tells Diablo the crystal core is on its stomach and Keera scolds her for telling secrets and betraying him. Diablo then uses a multi ice arrow attack while freezing the ground. So after he finished the ice floor he charges the hydra and slides under it he uses a an Aero Shredder spell, which is the highest grade Chemical Element Magic of the Wind attribute at level 100. The target of the spell is wrapped up in a green flash with a loud roar being raised as the target is cut into pieces. The big blast to destroyed the beast in a huge blast letting Diablo recover the core.

Then Diablo then asks Shera if her brother, Keera, should live or die. Despite Keera's cruelty, Shera is unable to hate him and asks Diablo to spare him. Diablo then warns Keera to never cross him or his property again and Keera runs off spouting he will be back with his army. However while escaping Keera is killed by Galford who emerges from the forest with the Faltra army. Galford then reveals he wants to destroy the elves despite the treaty they have. Diablo steps forward to confront Galford but, Galford traps Diablo in a barrier used for monsters. Diablo tests the barrier and finds it to be very strong. Galford then plans to kill Shera and Rem with his sword but Alicia tries to stop him only to get defeated and punched out. Her skill pails in comparison to his, however as she was buying time, Diablo used his knowledge of Magical Seal manipulation to break the barrier and get between Galford and the females.

Diablo has to fight the Hero Galford who was able to win the last war against the Demon Lord. Normally a mage fighting a swordsman is a bad idea, but since Diablo aka Jack was a solo player he learned a lot of tricks to exploit. He memorized the attack patterns of all the classes and he knew the cool down time for each one. This knowledge gave Diablo an edge on the timing and distance in a fight like this. In the past he defeated parties with this knowledge, but this would be a serious fight since his life was once again n the line. While avoiding Galford's attacks, Diablo used small and mid level spells such as blinding light, magic missile and mine field. Diablo was also watching his movements as he dodged in a pattern. Galford managed to endure the attacks from the spells despite the damage he took as he charged head on to Diablo to take him down. Just when Galford thought he had Diablo, he saw the grin to late.

While dodging Galford's attacks, Diablo was marking the ground with a spell each time he moved. By doing this he made a spell circle to surround Galford and set it off on the last attack. Galford looked in bad shape as he was easy pickings for Diablo now. However since Diablo doesn't want to kill any people he makes the excuse that Galford is no threat to him and should leave. Galford questions Diablo's logic and Diablo tells him he is only doing it on a whim and if Galford attacks him again he will hurt him again. Galford then staggers off with his men through the forest and heads back to Faltra. Once its safe, Shera cries and holds Diablo. Diablo tells Shera he is sorry for her brother and she replies he was a terrible person but he was still family. Diablo kept the crystal core to avoid it being misused again.

Once things settle down and they all recover, they make their way back to Faltra. Shera is sad for her situation but glad she is free from her Keera's insanity. Diablo does his best to offer her support, but its awkward for a NEET like him to have a heart to heart in the body of a Demon King. He found defeating the Demon Lords from the game a lot easier than comforting a cute female.


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