Good Talk

Soularous signed the paper, " Ok I signed,I'll go to the bank and pull out all of my money, and yes I saved my money, I'm not a total idiot." He popped his knuckles. " I 'll be able to pay off most of the fines with that money, I was going to build a village with that money, look I got paid a lot for each mission I went on."

Emile rolled his eyes up and shook his head.

Emile: Don't be so hasty. You still need money to eat and stay at an Inn. Just use what you can afford to part with and Sylvie will put you to work. There is no shortage of dangerous enemies out there. Hec we already had a close call with that demonic army out there who could invade us anytime they are ready. Right now they are wary since Diablo killed about a third of their forces.

Sylvie: You will need to learn to pace yourself or you find yourself unable to finish a mission. Since you are on bad terms with the church, I doubt they will allow you to recover there. Now here is your first mission.

Sylvie gives Soularous a paper with his task. It reads "Deal with at least 10 bandits on the main road from Faltra to the next city. The merchants are complaining of being robbed.

Sylvie: Diablo took out sixty five bandits last time and turned them into statues so it won't be hard to know you found the correct road. I have my suspicions that someone or something is driving the bandits to our direction since the timing is odd. Report to me if you find any additional info.

Emile: Good luck.


"To be honest." Maracos started. "I pulled 2 all nighters and fell asleep while playing. When I woke up I had no menu, and when I reached up to take off my headset well all I felt was hair." he said. "So your guesses are as good as mine." he added, "As for your haste in solving the issue. I am in no hurry, and as for the knight problem. They usually back off for a few days after I take out a hit squad. So we should be fine for a day or so, just keeping an eye out would be advised." he added.

Diablo: I too was up many nights powergaming. Except I woke at Star Fall Tower after being summoned by my two companions. They are wearing the collar of submission (Rem & Shera) since their spell reflected off me and back to them.

Diablo did a head gesture to note Rem and Shera who were shopping with Alicia and Summer on the side.

Diablo: So the three of us are connected. I learned how to undo a slave collar from a Slave Merchant, but when I tried it on one of them I discovered the spell get messed up kinda like a fishing rod spool when it gets all tangled up. Eventually I will be able to undo it. This led me to believe this world is only similar to the game. The NPCs are now people with feelings and many of the automatic features are gone like the guards being able to take us down when we break the law or the pause & log out options or the ratio balance between player and monsters. From what I can tell those of us who maxed out stand out way above the locals. The average strong level now is between 40 and 50 with the occasional level 80. Since they fear dying they don't grind levels like we do. Also the church is now a corrupt group of wolves in sheep clothing. Just a handful of us players could easily conquer the world, which sounds like a joke, but what if there are more of us who are acting on that. If we can change the way things go in this world who is to say someone hasn't already done it. I wouldn't be surprised if the church was the first to get manipulated since the Holy Knights and paladins were not like this in the game.

Diablo stopped to make sure others were not being nosy before he continued.

Diablo: I added Wisdom to my friend list so I can communicate with him via magic telepathy since we have a lot of questions. If you don't mind you should do the same Maracos since we have similar enemies. As for dealing with long as it deasn't interfere with my business at midnight I am game for it.


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