Secret of death

Omar looked at kenshin with a condescending look, "We are in Faltra, The human Capitol is in Oslo, the same city that we knew from Yggdrasil. It is South west of here closer to the center of the human kingdom."

Jysce made the comment about having only one life and Omar chuckled, "We are more fortunate than that miss. The temple priests know low level resurrection magic, and as former Players we have an automatic resurrection after a day. The downside is that every death will take you down five levels of you are not resurrected by a player or item with the appropriate skill, but there is always a cost. The reason my brother Thelastprophet was so focused on me leveling up when I got here was that I was under level five and any death would have killed me. He even gave me a rare resurrection item that has saved me a few times already. Unfortunately the time he needed it he was not so lucky. Ironically my brother has cemented his place as a god among the native holy knights because he came back from death unaided. I do not think there are any players in the holy knights, but now that I know other players are in this world one of my newer members may be, as she is suspiciously powerful."

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