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Summary: She is the KP Division Reaper Manager

Pepper Falls (NPC)

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Gender: Female

Age: Looks 14 died in 1922

Group: KP Division - Kid & Pet, Kid Reapers Only




Reaper Manager
Homeless kid


Reaper Manager
Homeless kid

Physical Appearance

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Hair: Brown
Height: 4'2"
Build: Skinny
Ratty looking

Personality and Interests

She is a bit of a tomboy. She is actually older than she looks and has been able to make the system work for her for some time now. She manages to earn some money using some underhanded tricks like stealing from the dead, pick pocketing, begging and getting free food and cloths at random shelters.


Pepper died in 1922 when working for a horrible company cleaning the machines. She passed out from getting a black lung from the soot and was crushed by the machines gears when they turned it on. To save face her body was quietly disposed of and they lied about seeing her. Since then she was turned into a reaper for KP Division which is for Kid & Pet, Kid Reapers only in Eureka, California. Since she is a minor she can't get her own place, but she put a lot of money away to make sure she can eat and get clothes. Once a week she gets a visit at night from a shadowy figure who leaves an envelope and some Post-It Notes for her. She then translates it for her team to pass out at their meeting spot, which is the park by Eureka Zoo.

Favourite Sayings

Life sucks.....then you die.

Favourite food


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Image of Pepper Falls (NPC)
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