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Summary: A stereotypical skater boy with a big attitude

Charlie Higgins (NPC)

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Gender: Male

Age: 11

Group: KP Division - Kid & Pet, Kid Reapers Only




Reaper or kids and pets


Reaper or kids and pets

Physical Appearance

See pic
3ft tall
skater clothes

Personality and Interests

Charlie is a typical skater kids with emotional walls put up to protect his heart. However he is nice guy if he accepts you.


He was from a wealthy family that spent little time with him so he spent a lot time on his skateboard till he got hit by a drunk driver. Now he is homeless and skates around to do his work as a reaper He died after being struck by a drunk driver's car seven years previously, and lives on the streets presumably to avoid social services, school, and the awkwardness of not growing older.

Favourite Sayings

Gotta go my mom's picking me up.

You got a name?

Favourite food

BBQ meat

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