Quick Meeting

Winston was still dumbfounded by all this new information. He was unsure about all this "reaping" business but what other choice did he have? He agreed to go to this meeting at the zoo, even if it meant having to meet new people. He sighed, knowing this job was going to push him outside his comfort zone much more than anything else he'd ever done.

After arriving at the Park they could see the large rectangular goldfish pond in the middle and a few benches around it which led to the Zoo entrance. Pepper had been using this park for a good while now since it easy to get to and no one bothered them there. As they met with several other kids pepper introduced them to Winston. (They are NPCs fro now)

Kyle: Who is the new guy?

Pepper: Winston. I'll show him the ropes so you guys just do your thing.

Mike: Sure thing mom.

Pepper: Haha very funny. Here is your jobs.

Pepper handed out a Post-It note to the other kids with a name, location and ETD or Estimated Time of Death. The kids shot the bull about their living status being changed again since the copes are cracking down on run-a-ways. Mary barely avoided being sent to an orphanage again. So they warned Winston to be careful who was watching him. then Pepper looked at Winston.

Pepper: So that was pretty much our meeting. We do this at the same time every day and do our own thing til we have to do our job. Your first job is to reap a dog. So we go find the area and then you simply touch the dog before the time on your note says. Then after the dog dies you escort its soul to a magical door of light and let it go through. We do this for kids and pets. I know it sucks but if we want to move on we have to fill our personal quota.

When you die they say your entire life flashes in front of your eyes the moment before you die? That might be true if you're terminally ill, or your parachute doesn't open, but we know better or at least yo will soon. Your job starts in two hours so lets walk to the neighbor on your note. Any questions?


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