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Summary: A miniscule nation of short frog like people that engage in gladiatorial fights to please their gods

The Refog Nations

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Gender: The frog-like people reproduce in a similar way to modern amphibians

Age: 2749 Years

Group: Star system nations

Species and population size

Froes: A race of short, frog people that live on the swampy planet of Refog. Their colonies only reach to other planets in their system, but the majority of the population is based in Refog. Their population reaches around 25 million, not including the 1 million on colony planets. They have stronger than usual resistance to disease, but have little control of their body temperatures. They are usually seclusive, but are willing to trade with the Kat Imperial Collective, Linus Independant Stations, and other space societies.


They began as a tribal species, fighting one another and claiming land. But united as one when the Linus first visited. Although the meeting was mistaken, since the Linus wishes to trade. When the Froes realized this, the traded resources such as minerals and gemstones for access to their advanced technology. The Linus taught them how to make their own space-crafts, and soon left. Ever since those faithful days, the Froes have been building colonies on neighbouring planets, and attempting to terraform them, so that all of those barren planets can be like home.

Philosophy and Policies

The Froes believe in animal gods, that keep balance and unity amongst their nations. It is said that to honor them, they must have gladiatorial fights to prove themselves strong enough to become their followers. Even with these beliefs, crimes are severely punished, quite often with death sentences or long term imprisonment. But before then, those prisoners must compete in gladiatorial battles, and once they win they will be deemed worthy to reach the gods and ask for forgiveness.

Economy (Curency, Imports and Exports)

Their main exports are food, decorative wood, minerals, and entertainment, in the form of gladiatorial fights, and ecotourism, because of the grand biodiversity of Refog.

Their main import is metals, their planet lacks metals such as iron and gold, so those are traded from other nations.

Leadership style

The planet is ruled in an democracy where everyone can vote, but leaders still keep control. There is little corruption, and the leaders all work to keep balance in the society, and to expand its resistance.


The Froes are at an space exploration age of technology. They have colonies on other planets in their system, and some of their people travel to the Kat Imperial Collective to trade.


They have a strong military, but rarely have any need for it. About 4 million Froes are in service, and are well trained due to the gladiatorial fights.

Relationship with other nations

They are usually peaceful with other nations, and are willing to trade, since they are a Mercantile bunch. They are immune to most diseases because of their strong immune systems, so they are mostly resistant to The Fury, but there have been outbreaks in populations.


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I would like to make a post describing the planet, and images of its wildlife so anyone who posts about the planet can know what the planet looks like.

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Image of The Refog Nations
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