A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

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The picture drawn by the Bunn was passed excitedly from hand to hand. Much like the food wrapper had been. Whether they really understood it or not was anyones guess. But from the noise they were definitely excited by something.

Truth be told, her representation of a mere four species had altered the entire view of the tribe. They had known about spaceflight, and had scavenged technology and even found bodies, but the idea that there might be more than maybe two races out there was blowing minds.

The question however became what to do with their new guest. That required some pragmatic thought. If she was not a slave, then she must have value, and if she had value perhaps one could dare to trade. Even with the Gods. There were many voices in the excited sounds that were in fact calling for exactly that. With the Gods and their glorious technology the Tribe of the Great Fire and her allies could become more powerful than any tribe before. No more hunger, no more dying on the ice in the jaws of great beasts.

So it was that the Bunn found herself offered a stretcher lined with soft furs. Well soft to the natives anyway. Refusal wasn't an option as plenty of eager hands "helped" her onto the contraption. Soon it was hoisted up by several large males, and with the flow of the tribe it was impossible to mistake that they were heading back to the crash sight. Along the way her stretcher was filled with offerings; beads, food, carved totems, slates, even stone and scavenged metal weapons. All the while at the head of procession went the red furred ones. Arms overhead, trying to look as peaceful as possible as the approached the crash.

Finally, after a silent moment before the wreck, Skragul came forward "We bring you a survivor of your people noble Lords of the Skies!" he cried out "Please, forgive our actions against you. We wish only to return your people, and to trade for goods!"

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