Starting trade

The first watch in the turrets had switched with the second watch.  The two woozen assigned for this shift were in a mating relationship and their first child had died in the crash.  The Male noticed there was commotion arround one of the campfires, but could not tell what was going on.  He suspected that they were making attack plans, but the female watching the other turret insisted it was likely a primitive religious ritual, after all they had been called gods, lords or something of the sort.  They kept a close eye on the gathering until commotion broke out and a mob of them moved towards the ship.  The woozen male was about to fire on them when he noticed a bunn being paraded towards them in what looked like a celebratory manner.  They alerted the ship and woke the rest of the crew who put on their space combat suits before they heard what was going on.  Only the woozen who had been voted captain for her experience in negotiation refused to wear combat armor.  She instead wore the captain uniform and a synthetic fur coat that she had found in one of the crew quarters.  Warner insisted on defensive measures in case the tribe was using a decoy or deceptive gift tactic.  The acting captain agreed and ordered an offering of food and tools to be prepared for barter.

The Bunn was unwittingly placed on the streacher and the fur felt very uncomfortable for her.  She tried waving at the turret to make sure they noticed her as the tribe carried her forward, not wanting to be fired upon.

"We bring you a survivor of your people noble Lords of the Skies!" he cried out "Please, forgive our actions against you. We wish only to return your people, and to trade for goods!"  Cried the one of the tribesmen.  There was a pause of silence and the Bunn sat nervously twitching her ears and tail as she sat on the fur streacher.

The door they had opened before slid open and four woozen in full body armor came out.  Two stood beyond the broken hill and two took cover behind the edges of the hole pointing their rail guns out from behind cover.  The woozen in the synthetic fur coat stepped into the hole in the side of the ship so that she was surrounded by the armored woozen.  They gave her a salute when she stopped and she spoke with the translator around her neck that they had been trying to improve slightly.  "I am leader.  I wish to receive my servant back.  I may give food and tools."  Two other woozen then exited the door pulling two carts six feet by six feet or as long and as wide as a woozen.  One was piled with food rations and the other with tools all mechanically powered.  The one with food was pushed in front of the captain while the tools were held back near the entrance.  The captain tore open one of the packets with the picture of a flying reptile and took a bite and rubbed her stomach and gestured it in an outstretched arm towards the tribesman who had spoken.  All the food packets had a picture of a plant or animal on them with almost every color represented in various shades.

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