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Summary: An intense undead cop in the Department of Integration's Law Enforcement Department

Officer Alice Zomba aka Zombina

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Gender: Female

Age: 23

Group: Undead




Zombina is one of the Living Dead, and a member of the Department of Integration's Law Enforcement Department.

Marksmanship: Despite her heavy use of firearms, Zombina's accuracy is haphazard, as she prefers using automatic weapons and the spray and pray method of shooting. Because of her training she is completely capable of aiming and hitting a target accurately, she just chooses not to and leaves more precise shooting to others.

Weapons Training: Zombina seems to be LED's weapons specialist. She is usually seen as the one carrying the most weapons with her and is regularly seeing skillfully dual wielding submachine guns, and even fully-automatic assault rifles.

Physical Traits:
Zombie Physiology: Immortality: Since Zombina is undead, she cannot be killed again by any known means, whether they be natural or unnatural causes.
Infection: As is typical of zombies, a bite from Zombina can infect other humans, thus turning them into zombies like herself. The infectious agent seems to be in every one of her teeth, and not something she has conscious control over, as a prick from a single fang extracted from her mouth was sufficient to turn one into a zombie. However, her victims can only be turned if they are close to dying, otherwise their immune systems will be able to fight off the zombification virus.

Invulnerability: While Zombina can still be injured, due to her undead nature no injury, no matter how severe, seems to have any effect on her. This is proven when she doesn't hesitate to perforate herself with bullets just to hit someone standing behind her. In fact, the only thing she complains about is that the bullets stuck in her body would add to her weight. Even if Zombina's body gets damaged, she can simply repair it manually, such as by sewing severed body parts back together, or getting new parts entirely. However, despite her durability, Zombina's body is still a corpse, and if she does not receive regular injections of embalming fluids, her body and more importantly her brain will begin to decay.
Pain Threshold: Due to her nature, Zombina is incapable of feeling pain. She is still capable of feeling pleasure (including erotic pleasure), though.
Toxic Blood: Instead of blood, Zombina's body contains a special fluid that prevents her body from decomposing. It's very hazardous to everybody but herself.
Rigor Mortis: Due to her body being clinically dead, it can go into a state of rigor mortis if Zombina stays still for a prolonged amount of time, such as sleeping. Usually, she stretches before going to bed to alleviate it, but if she forgets, she'll be fully immobilized when she wakes up until someone massages her.


Department of Integration's Law Enforcement Department which is a Monster SWAT Police officer.

Physical Appearance

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Monster Species Zombie (Formerly Human)
Hair: Red
Eye: Green (Left),Yellow (Right)
Height: 161cm (5'3")
Weight: 58kg (128 lbs)

At first glance, Zombina seems to be an ordinary human but, on closer examination, her skin is stitched together and is various shades. Her body appears to be a patchwork of parts sewn together. In addition, the iris of each eye are of different colors, and her teeth are all fangs.

Personality and Interests

Due to her Zombie nature, Zombina doesn't possess many inhibitions, and because of this, she is mostly focused on satisfying her own cravings.

Despite her appearance, she is deceptively clever, enough to sneak past the human personnel, as well as fooling the unsuspecting Orc guards for a limited time, for a pre-emptive strike.

When in action she displays an immense love for violence and an avid interest in varying firearms. She also possesses a sharp-tongued personality as Zombina does not discriminate trading banter with her allies, or with her targets.

Due to her "undead" status, she seems to favor unzipping her upper body armor to expose her substantial cleavage during battle. However, when her fellow LED teammates complain, Zombina rebutted it was due to the latter's lack of clothing; whether this is a contradictory comment, or personal reference is unknown, though it is possible that she wanted to show her opponents/targets what she is and weaponry does not work on her such as revealing the bullet holes on her body.

She enjoys watching films about her race(zombies) and other horror/gore films. She also enjoys extreme fun as well as taking pleasure on other people's unfortunate situations if she deems them as funny. While on her dates, Zombina takes great pleasure in screwing with guys mind by causing parts of her body to fall off and seeing their reactions.


She was a young cop and a member of the SWAT team before dying and getting bit by a zombie. She was intense before becoming a zombie and got worse afterwards. She was later recruited by the Department of Integration's Law Enforcement Department. As a zombie she met Jack during her immigration classes and took advantage of his kindness and conned him into being his roomy. She hates being alone so she makes him stay up late playing video games. Since she has a decent paycheck she can afford nice things. She sees Jack as a big brother since he does look after her and is not afraid to help when she goes into Rigor.

Favourite Sayings

Does my stitching look okay?

Favourite food

Meat cooked or raw
Refuses to eat live creatures

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Image of Officer Alice Zomba aka Zombina
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