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Summary: A stubborn old controlling devil and Callie's dad

Judge Aldermach Maggotbone

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Gender: Male

Age: 2000+

Group: Demons




Aldermach Maggotbone is a Devil and a supreme judge of Hell's Court. He is Callie's father. He used to be the chief prosecutor in Hell's court, probably for 2,000 years, and would like Callie to work there, too. He is known as "Skinny Bob" before he succeeded as a supreme judge of Hell 35 years ago.


Supreme Judge in Hell

Physical Appearance

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Personality and Interests

He is an arrogant, controlling and judgemental jerk of a devil. He feels he has to control his daughter's life and hates her choices.


Aldermach marries a new wife each year, usually letting his new wife bury the old one. In fact, in the first season there have already been three females that the Devil has been together with for some time, including Callie's human mother Rosie.

Aldermach has a strong dislike for Jack, Callie's human boyfriend. He would rather have her be together with Twayne Boneraper. This is due to the magical blood pact with the Bonerapers that he took after he ditched Twayne's mother Violet at the altar.

Favourite Sayings

Just die already!!

Favourite food

Raw Steak

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Image of Judge Aldermach Maggotbone
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