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Summary: A gently and powerful giant

Officer Tionishia (NPC)

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Gender: Female

Age: 23

Group: Monsters


An Ogre


An Ogre and a member of the Department of Integration's Law Enforcement Department, where she serves as the team's hostage escort/guard, due to her immense size and strength.

Ogre Physiology:
Heavyweight: While Tio seems to keep her weight a secret, she is still very heavy. This was demonstrated when she tripped and fell on top of Zombina, as the latter complained that she would have been killed by the weight if she wasn't an undead zombie.
Immense Strength: As an ogre, Tionishia possesses strength far beyond that of any known being. She was shown to easily break through concrete walls. She is also shown effortlessly holding down a furiously struggling Dragonewt, who was shown to be strong enough to easily overpower Lamias. However, it should be noted that said Dragonewt was exposed to cold water only moments before and therefore likely weakened. She is able to lift a full-sized vending machine over her head without strain, and throw it quite a distance away.
Intimidating Figure: Due to her great size, Tionishia can be quite intimidating when fully clad in her body armor, to the point where even a group of villainous Orcs, who are themselves quite large compared to average humans, were scared of her. Tionishia herself seems to be quite sensitive about this (although the armor completely obscures any details of the wearer's gender). When not in armor, people don't appear to mind being around her; she just happens to attract attention due to her height.

Calming Presence: Tio emits a "warm aura", considered motherly in nature, that is able to calm others down with her peaceful presence. Once a person is caught in her warm aura it becomes nearly impossible for them to escape it, until Tio decides to let them go. For these reasons Jack sees this ability as very dangerous. He also theorizes it is this aura that allows the many different clashing personalities of the girls in to work together as an effective cohesive unit.


Department of Integration's Law Enforcement Department which is a Monster SWAT Police officer.

Physical Appearance

Tionishia is a very tall woman with tan skin and long flowing hair. She has fangs, pointed ears and very large breasts. One of her most noticeable physical features is a single large red horn in her forehead, which connects directly to her skull. It is said to be quite sensitive.

She is one of the tallest characters in the area, easily dwarfing any human and most other Liminals. When on missions she wears a bulky suit of armor, which covers everything except her horn. Because of her size, figure and horn, all of her clothes have to be custom-made.

Outside of her armor, when on duty, she wears the standard police uniform.

Personality and Interests

Despite her size and strength, Tio is an incredibly gentle and warmhearted person. She cares greatly about her comrades and friends, and supports them in even the slightest accomplishments.

Tio is apparently somewhat sensitive about being mistaken for a man, due to her size. She can also be a bit absent-minded, as she started eating some chips in the middle of a hostage situation.

She is quite fond of the clothes she wears, especially ones which she deemed as pretty. She is, however, self-conscious about her height and body measurements due to stores rarely having good clothes that fit her size, even ones that try to have stock for non-human customers. Tio becomes quite distressed when the clothes she tries on rip or get stuck, such as a skirt she wanted to purchase. Tio is quite the fashionista, and always follows the latest fashion. She especially loves clothes with frilly and lacy things on them.

Overall Tio is very friendly and likes to hug others when people are kind to her and when she finds something cute. However her patience does have a limit and she will often say "Jeez" whenever she gets frustrated.


She was later recruited by the Department of Integration's Law Enforcement Department. As an Ogre she met her teammates during her immigration classes and liked the immediately.

Favourite Sayings


Favourite food

Tio is said to have a sweet tooth, frequently looking for the newest candies and always eating something sweet whenever she has the chance. For some reason, she eats ice cream in little bites, while she eats cake in a single bite.

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