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Summary: Usually irresponsible, Smith shows up when it is inconvenient

Director Kuroko Smith (NPC)

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Gender: Female

Age: 36

Group: Humans




Head of the Department of Integration's Law Enforcement Department

First Aid: Smith is proficient at treating injuries and administering first aid. She is usually the one to treat victims when they get injured by the various circumstances caused by the girls.
Leadership: Smith is known to lead raids with her Security Squad when there is information that an exchange student might be harmed. Smith is responsible for planning and organizing the team during operations. However, she also likes to use the team to get out of her own work.
Legal Knowledge: As a Cultural Exchange Coordinator, Smith has advanced knowledge of the Interspecies Law. Her position also gives her information on the latest planned changes to the law and allows her to commit “test cases” for proposed amendments. Even though she has extensive knowledge of the law, she is likely to not inform other people of relevant information because she is lazy and the resulting circumstances amuse her.
Manipulation: When situations call for it Smith can be a master manipulator. She makes an effort to insure that things work out in ways that result in less work for her, and is not above using blackmail and intimidation. However, her favorite method is just to do something and ignore any complaints from those affected.

Marksmanship: Smith has some skill with firearms.


Head of the Department of Integration's Law Enforcement Department

Physical Appearance

Smith often dresses in the attire of a typical government agent; wearing a white dress shirt with a black tie, a black blazer and matching professional skirt, black pantyhose and heels. She wears a pair of sunglasses to complete the look. When leading her Security Squad, Smith wears a combat uniform which includes a yellow flak jacket that is identical to those worn by her agents. Smith has pale brown eyes and long black hair that she usually wears loose but puts in a high ponytail when at home or in her combat uniform.

Personality and Interests

Smith is very irresponsible when performing her job and constantly bums off her officers for meals. Her negligent attitude extends into her personal life as her own apartment is full of junk and trash. It is hinted that the reason she is so careless is because she is overworked with all of her current duties, and never gets a pay raise when she takes on new responsibilities or when she performs her already assigned tasks well.

When she takes a situation seriously, Smith can be quite competent at her job, such as when dealing with the trafficking of underage extraspecies, or situations where someone could be in serious danger. However, these situations are few and far between, and Smith will personally punish those who commit such acts for creating more work for her. In such cases, Smith will ignore the laws that say humans and extraspecies cannot harm one another in favor of her own brand of personal “justice”.

Contrary to her lazy attitude, Smith is a caffeine addict, as she is almost always seen drinking a cup of coffee. More specifically, her favorite drink is instant coffee that is made exclusively at the Jack's house. Smith has high standards when it comes to her coffee, as she hates the taste of the instant coffee made by the police force, even though it is the exact same brand she loves so much when it is made at Jack's house.


Kuroko Smith commonly referred to as Ms. Smith or just Smith, is the Department of Integration's Law Enforcement Department Coordinator. She checks up on her team and non humans on probation on a regular basis, constantly reminding them that any violation of the law will result in their arrest and the deportation of the exchange program participants. Usually irresponsible, Smith shows up when it is inconvenient for Jack and his guests or when it is too late to provide them with important information or help.

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I love my coffee

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Image of Director Kuroko Smith (NPC)
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